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On this Blogmas day we will talk about “new to me” (or new to you if you comment or participate in this Blogmas 2019) authors.

A “new To Me” is not a first work by an author (even if it could be that) but the first time that you have read something by this author!

I confess that book events like YALC London are good motivation to try new authors!

What also helped me discover some brilliant writers were the audiobooks! As I listen to another genre than romance (with few exceptions) I have discovered very talented authors!

And let’s not forget the hype surrounding a book or friends recommendations!

The authors I have read and loved for the first time are (contenders):

Kate Quinn (historical fiction);

Tracey Gravis Graves (romance);

Laura Steven (contemporary YA);

Alice Oseman (contemporary YA);

Meredith Russo (contemporary YA);

Kalyn Josephson (fantasy YA);

Brandon Sanderson (fantasy and science fiction YA).

But my HUGE CRUSH and winner today is Ruta Sepetys!

In my reviews (Salt to the Sea and The Fountains of Silence so far) I have written that:

Ruta has the knack to tell History with a big H through people’s stories. THEY make history. She has you walking into her character’s shoes and makes you live history like no history book can do.

Ruta Sepetys is one of these authors whose writing seems effortless. It is fluid, precise, conveying so many emotions and visuals in few words that none of them seem superfluous but every one is necessary. Her prose is one of the most powerful that I have read.


When I visited her site, you have very interesing Q & A and here is what Ruta wrote about her choice to write historical fiction:

Q: Why do you write historical fiction?
A: Writing historical fiction is like being a detective. I enjoy uncovering secrets, hidden facts, and hidden heroes. Through characters and story, historical statistics become human and suddenly we care for people we’ve never met, we can find their country on a map, and then—the history matters. Through historical fiction we can give voice those who will never have a chance to tell their story. That inspires me!
You can find her site here: https://rutasepetys.com/about/


Last but not least, one of my favorite quotes to demonstrate her gorgeous prose:

“It’s difficult navigating two cultures,” she once told him. “I feel like a bookmark wedged between chapters. I live in America, but I am not born of it. I’m Spanish.”

Now do tell me who your favorite “new to you” author was in 2019!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. It sounds like you have found a lot of new favourite authors this year and I am happy you ended up loving them all! I need to try a Sanderson novel soon and I also really love Ruta’s books I have read so far too.

  2. I’m glad you chose Ruta Sepetys, as you are the one who introduced me to her and like you, I absolutely adore her writing! And in return, I gave you SA Chakraborty! ;-)