Most read author of 2017

I looked back on my Goodreads challenge just to be certain but… yes! I’ve read 5 books by this author this year! She’s been a very busy bee as all these books were published in 2017. My winner today is Emma Scott also writing under ES Bell’s pen name.

I know, I know I’ve already raved A LOT about Emma’s stories!

What I’ll do today is try to just tell a FEW words about each story and give my rating.

First book of the year: The Butterfly Project

5 stars!

Reading The Butterfly Project was like watching the movie Love Actually: deeply moving, in technicolor with faultless cast.  It’s been a “feel good “ book written with great talent and a true heart. I can’t recommend it enough.

“Lie down with me on the ice again. Look up at the tree. All the lights in the branches, straight up over your head. Be there.” “You’re there, too?” “Right here.” A long, breathing silence. “How do you do that, Beckett?” “Do what?” “I called you feeling so goddamn lost, but your voice… It’s like a searchlight in the fog.” “I’m right here,” I said. “


Second book: Sugar & Gold *get the tissues ready*

4,5 stars

As usual Emma Scott writes heroes somehow battered by life. The kind of heroes you can’t help but fall madly and completely in love or in like with.
Nik has a special “gift” or rather he sees it as a curse. He can read other’s emotions and sometimes hear their thoughts. From a young age he’s been rejected by his mom and prodded not kindly at all by doctors.

“What do you want, Nik? If you had one wish?” “I wish Mama would look at me. Touch me. She used to hug me when I was scared. I’m scared all the time…”


Third book: The Dark of the Moon *Fantasy under ES Bell name*

6 stars!

The plot was excellent filled with twists and turns, dangers, magic and a quest! I love quests. I love following the main character and looking after either an object, people or … Will they succeed or not? How? Avoiding many death traps?

Just know that I found it bloody brilliant, that I recommend it a thousand times and the only thing I regret is… there is a second book coming (I do hope so) that has no publication date yet!

Emma Scott is extremely talented as contemporary writer and E.S. Bell is genius as fantasy storyteller!


Fourth book: Forever Right Now

6 stars!

I found the book toppling Full Tilt off its pedestal and I never thought it would happen one day. Emma wrote something raw, emotional, gorgeous, brilliant in its shadows and deeply human battles.

It’s been an endless emotional onslaught…
 Emma gave us exceptional characters. They would have been more than enough to make for a brilliant story but she put twists I never saw coming. This added to colorful and supportive side characters made for an outstanding story.

I love Darlene. She is raw attuned to the world and others she is like opened wound and bare flesh for everyone to see. She is overflowing with emotions and a need to love and be loved so big that it’s overwhelming. Like her tiny body is not big enough to contain this tidal wave of feelings.


Fifth book: One Good Man from Team Player anthology

4,5 stars

This story is not only a romance. It relies on a grave historical background distilled with small brush strokes.In a relatively short read Emma Scott managed the high feat of showing the aftermath of war. This was paired with the inner conflict of doing what’s expected of you instead of what you really aspire to do. All wrapped up in a lovely romance! If that does not deserve praise I don’t know what will satisfy you!

Added bonus for my French speaking friends (hint, hint “A” it’s you I’m speaking of) Emma Scott’s French is stellar! And she does know many curse words in French LOL.

“Find that story, Janey. Find one that looks like nothing on the outside, but once you crack it open…” She shrugged with a smile. “…Something incredible comes out.”

And you who is your most read author of 2107?

Thanks for reading!



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  1. 6 Stars! That’s high praise Sophie… I’m not sure who my most read author is… probably Paul E. Horseman?! Actually I do know… it is him, an author whose series I’m loving… Bell’s Overcast Moon sounds fun and you sell it well! ♥️

    1. Yes she is again on my list Daisy that’s how much I love that gal LOL. Please PM me when you’ll read Forever Right Now as I want to hold your hand and give you some tissues LOL