Today’s choice is a hard one: Erotic!

Years ago I’ve read FSOG (Fifty Shades of Grey) my first erotic series. Say all that you want but EL James opened a door and launched a trend in books. I read Captive in the Dark, Escape from Paradise, Gabriel’s Inferno, etc.

But I kind of fell out of the genre and read few erotic books nowadays.


What I consider an erotic book is of course a book with explicit and frequent sex scenes BUT the sex can’t overpower the plot or the character’s depth. If I read only sex scene after sex scene without a trope *aside them having sex of course* and with characters barely built I’m not reading erotic I’m reading porn. That’s not what I’m looking for. Nothing wrong with porn to each his own, everyone his/her opinion yada yada but that’s not what I’m looking for in books.


Looking back on my reading year I found what I would call a very good erotic book!

It has steam of course, some BDSM scenes AND developed characters. I loved the MC and had a great time reading this novel.


My recommendation for 2017 is Arranged by Lexi Blake!

Here is an excerpt of what I wrote about the story:

“Witty, steamy and entertaining!

Loha Mori Morambo (my very spicy and imaginary dish) recipe :

-take one ounce of Playboy prince turned womanizer King with huge manparts (yes this is important);
-add equal parts of a very smart and leading future bride. She has a kinky side but it’s hidden behind that brilliant mind of her;
-add some badass friends extract, special close protection flavor;
-end with a pinch of suspense and catty old girlfriends;
Knead everything together. Be a little rough and whip it some if it does not bend to your will.
Let it rest for some hours under the warm climate of this sunny island. Put it in the very hot oven.
When the kitchen is filled with steam and you need to change your underwear it’s ready!

I also really loved that Mrs Blake puts steam and kink in her book without making this the main topic of her book. The story and characters did not take a backseat to sex what I’m really grateful for.

You have plot (some twists in the story), the characters have depth and question who they really are, who they should be and who they want to be. Other characters of her stories make for very interesting sidekicks. It’s always pleasant to read about hot bodyguards and their spunky female counterparts.

Kash is like a beautiful wild animal. Deeply physical but unsatisfied with his life. He is unquestionably eye candy but the real star was Day. I loved her strength and her poise. She knows what she wants and is not ashamed to be who she is. Her mind is so attractive and sharp you can’t help but admire the girl! She knew what was best for Kash even if Kash did not want to admit it.

So post “ a do not disturb” sign on your door and get ready to be entertained and titillated by these fascinating characters!”


See a very good one!


What is your favorite erotic read for 2017?




Thanks for reading!





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  1. Great choice! Do you remember that old Almond Joy commercial slogan…”Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t”? That’s how I feel about erotic romance..LOL!!

    1. So true Yeli! That’s why I read few erotica but when it meets these creteria they are really good reads!