Book Hangover

Following Merriam Webster a Hangover is:

1 : something (such as a surviving custom) that remains from what is past

2 a : disagreeable physical effects following heavy consumption of alcohol or the use of drugs

b : a letdown following great excitement or excess

 (See Jay you are inspiring me with your daily posts)


A book hangover is the low so low you feel when you finished an extraordinary book. You feel depressed, adrift. You don’t know what to read next. It’s useless anyway as it was so good nothing will compare.

Another discussion topic would be how to overcome/cure book hangover but today we speak about the book gave me the biggest book hangover in 2017?


The answer is easy and sorry as I’m repeating myself *no I’m not growing old, well not that old yet* the winner is A Charm of Finches by Suanne Laqueur!

That’s exactly what I wrote in my review: “You end up shaken, overwhelmed, emotional with a gigantic book hangover because it was so exceptional that you want more. Always more. »


So if you are looking for your next book hangover *why would we love feeling depressed after a read remains a mystery* just buy this prime specimen.

The author has opened a Finches Addict program so fear not!



What was your biggest book hangover from 2017?

Thanks for reading!


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    1. Hi Aditi thank you! And no this is not weird. If the ending is not to your liking you feel dissatisfied and hungover 😉

  1. I loved this post Sophie! I would have to say Gone Girl gave me the biggest Book Hangover this year. I just felt all depressed. I guess it triggered me and took forever to read!