Plot twist


noun: plot twist; plural noun: plot twists

  1. an unexpected development in a book, film, television programme, etc.

“I won’t give the big plot twist away”

So today is about expect the unexpected in your read. The one thing that leaves you with an open mouth because you totally did not see it coming!

I’ve already gushed about Beth Flynn’s mastermind, Cassandra Clare’s evil cliffhangers and Karen McManus maestria in suspense so I will feature another author dear to my heart. She has become a friend now and she writes wonderful new adult romances! Her last series “Love me I’m Famous” is about rock stars and singers.

Her latest book left me speechless more than once!

Winner of the plot twist: Devils Don’t Fly by M.H. Soars

Here is an excerpt of what I wrote:

Once again MH Soars had me on the treadmill!

Oops this can sound really dirty once that I read it back…
What I mean is I was reading Devils don’t Fly on the treadmill and nearly missed my Aquaboxing classes as I was so engrossed in the story that I forgot the time.

And yes now you also know that you’d better not be on my bad side as I’m kicking butts literally…

But I digress forgive me because Saylor and Oliver’s story deserves ALL your attention!

This is the final book in their story and I really wanted no NEEDED to know what would happen.

Well it gave us a kind of “second chance story” with Oliver wooing his girl and Saylor feeling…lost. But that’s not all as MH Soars of course had a white rabbit or several rabbits in her hat to show! Meaning: expect the unexpected.


That’s when the white rabbit (sorry girls no white knight in this review) pokes his big fluffy ears and the story takes a totally unexpected turn. WTH????? »

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What is your 2017 winner in plot twists?

Thanks for reading!



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