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In male main character you hear the “male” as in testosterone, muscles, deep voice etc.

So you would think I would go for an alpha right? Well I absolutely adore alpha males *must be the cavewoman sleeping in me* but astonishingly two of the ones that touched me deeply this year were not alpha. They were VERY male no problems but they were protective above possessive. They were caring, very, very caring. Handsome too why not right?

But the third one he is 100% Alpha!


Here are my 2017 winners:


Ryder in The Problem with Forever by Jennifer L Armentrout

Here is some of what I wrote about him:

Ryder…Ryder will make you melt on the spot and swoon. I love protective heroes and Ryder was like a day trip in Heaven. He was so sweet with his Mouse, so patient, so supportive. I can’t find a bad word to say about him. I wish my daughter to find her Ryder.
When you’ll read about how he protected and cared for Mallory when they were young you’ll fall for him too.

He would always read her The Velveteen Rabbit when she was sad of frightened. Time and again the same story even if it made her cry. Because the rabbit was Mallory… but it was Ryder too.

“It was sad.” “The rabbit becomes real in the end. I don’t know how many times I explained that to you”. “But he was old and shabby and …All the rabbit wanted… was to be real and loved.”

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Sawyer in Forever Right Now by Emma Scott

I know I RAVE about this book but sorry it was just magical. The two main characters were extraordinary!

Here is what I wrote about Sawyer:

“Sawyer Haas is a law student and on a fateful night has been left with a little baby girl. The mother vanished pure and simple.

He could have left the little girl in foster care and go on with his carefree student life chasing skirts and studying aplenty to become a lawyer. But the moment he held this tiny bundle he was a goner. He was overwhelmed by a love so fierce he knew Olivia would be the center of his world. He could not abandon her. She was his pure and simple. His love was whole encompassing.


Of course when I read about a guy so dedicated to his little girl my ovaries exploded on the spot! It was just too sweet and warm witnessing this protective daddy dedicate his life to his tiny daughter.

Sawyer Haas is an exceptional character. He shoulders so many burdens alone. He is tired, so tired.

“I watched her walk away and the weariness hit me. It did that sometimes, like being punched in the gut. The late nights and sleeplessness, stress and anxiety; it all bowled right into me. No beers with the guys. No dates with hot study partners. No sex, no parties…”

He was smart, sexy, loyal, caring and exhausted.

Emma won’t spare him any stress in this story and it was truly a wonder he was still standing by the end of the book.”

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Jess “sheriff” Cleary in The Coppersmith Farmhouse by Devney Perry

He is MY alpha!

Here is some of what I wrote about him with my favorite quote included:

“Alert!!! Up and coming brand new author! Prepare to be amazed and to swoon over sheriff Cleary.

If you read:

“I opened my mouth to ask what was going on but the words got stuck in the back of my throat. My brain short-circuited. All of my attention was focused on the man standing right in front of me. Seated on my stool, I had to tip my head way back to examine his face. I blinked a few times because this man was so ruggedly handsome I had to be imagining him. (…)
What catapulted him beyond any good-looking man I’d ever seen before were his eyes, light blue eyes flecked with white. Bright, like the color of ice. I had never seen such a hue before. Did they melt when he kissed someone, or did the ice become even brighter? “

you’re already DROOLING right? Because I know that I did!

Once the misunderstanding is cleared up, Jess will be VERY determined to take care of Gigi and Roe. He’ll soon let her understand they’re “his girls”. I loved how bossy he was. I literally melted at the sight of Jess protectiveness towards Gigi and Roe. The poor man has been taking care of his mom, his sister and his town. He is a “take charge guy” but Gigi has been on her own making all the decisions for so long she is determined to be independent and not be bossed around by the hot sheriff. Even if he is kissing like a god and she is always instantly forgetting what they were arguing about. Eff! There goes her resistance…

I love alpha heroes! »

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Who is your favorite main male character of 2017?

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