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First of all: Merry Christmas!

Now today’s choice is a hard one as my absolute favorite is Darlene in Forever Right Now by Emma Scott but I’ve already gushed so much about this book that I feel torn.

So here that’s said I LOVE DARLENE!

Now let’s make room for other fantastic heroines.

My choice today features heroines very different from each other but all have one thing in common: they wear their hearts on their sleeves and each in their own way were brave.

Lucy in The Gravity of Us by Brittainy C Cherry

Here is what I wrote about her:

I love Lucy, her quirks her freedom, her bright smile. She reminds me of sunny Louisa Clark from Me before You. Come to think of it, it’s slightly similar with the optimistic and radiant heroine and the jaded, detached hero. “ I adored that about her, how she was such a people person. She made every room fill with light whenever she entered the space.”



Starr in The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

Here is some of what I wrote about her:

This was Starr’s story.

How she struggled to maintain dual personality: one at home in Garden Heights with some slang and typical food and the one at her “white people” school well behaved, following others, etc. It must have been exhausting and confusing for Starr. Who was she really?

The book also featured the difficulties of dating outside your expected “pool”.
Starr is dating “white” Chris and she can’t help noticing other people looking their way when they’re walking on the street. He should be with a white, blonde and rich girl. Not with black and poor Starr. This is also about courage and finding your voice. Starr has witnessed something traumatizing. Her childhood friend was killed under her eyes when he did nothing wrong. She’s been threatened as well. She now fears those meant to protect people. Police officers did not play a good role in this story neither did the “white justice”. Starr was the sole witness but telling the truth was dangerous for her and her family. What would I do being in her shoes? Would I be brave and honor my friend’s memory asking justice? Risking my life and my family’s security? Would I stay silent to protect those I love? But then how would I live with a guilty conscience?

“That’s why people are speaking out, huh? Because it won’t change if we don’t say something?” “Exactly. We can’t be silent.”

Starr does not think she is brave as she is frightened. What her parents tell her is being brave is not being fearless but doing the right thing even when we are frightened.

“Brave doesn’t mean you’re not scarred, Starr, ”she says. “It means you go on even though you’re scarred. And you’re doing that.”



Dorothea in Can’t Hardly Breathe by Gena Showalters

Here is what I wrote about this girl that really grew up on me:

In the beginning Dorothea was really annoying.

OK the teenage girl was bullied, slightly or more overweight, had no Dad etc. So she had reasons to complain BUT she really did look like a kicked puppy with huge wet eyes always hoping for some love. She wore her heart on her sleeve so it should have been easy to love her but her lack of self-esteem grated on my nerves.
Now her inner pep talks were something to admire but when I thought she would “grow a pair” and win she got just shot down by Daniel…and he had even no idea her hurt her bad.
In one word: she was a mess.(…)

But it will change! Dorothea has decided to be a new her! A better, more confident, more audacious her.
And I freaking LOVED it!
It was certainly inspiring but also hilarious to witness Dorothea evolve from a shy and bullied teenager into a kickass gorgeous woman with sass and spunk!

As much as Dorothea wanted Daniel she would not accept to be a dirty little secret! No new Dorothea deserved the undivided and proud attention of a man, plain and simple.
So each time she turned gorgeous Daniel down I wanted to shout “Good job sista! Way to go! You’re worth everything.”
Believe me the chemistry was off the charts, the room was suddenly steamy hot when these two met so Dorothea had to be VERY resolute.


I took enormous pleasure reading this story and witnessing a shy girl turn into a strong and determined woman. Wonder Woman has nothing on Dorothea! Especially when she is dodging tornadoes like Gal Gadot dodges bullets.


So it has begun with the heroine grating on my nerves and ended with a reader completely smitten with this extraordinary heroine. This story is an ode to self-esteem, growing your confidence accepting your curves and realizing you’re a pearl to be treasured whatever your weight, diploma, background. It’s as good to begin your day as listening to “I Will Survive”. A blender of optimism and energy! »


Who is your favorite main female character of 2017?

Thanks for reading!



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