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Today I did not hesitate for one second in my choice. I have read many books with incredible male secondary characters but there is one character that stole my heart.

Today’s sole winner is Amat in Beartown by Frederik Backman

Here is what I wrote about Amat:

“Amat. Refugee, poor, mocked, lithe but incredibly quick and nimble on the Ice. Amat is fifteen and the boy every mother wishes for. He is used to being in the shadow and collecting rubbish to help his mom suffering of a poor back. Hard working he is deeply in love with Maya.

“He was tired, that’s all he can remember. (…)Tired of trying to prove ha was more than the things they called him: a zero from the Hollow. The cleaner’s son. Too small. Too weak””

When I read about that kid about his courage not only waking up every day at ungodly hours to go skate on the ice ring but also to help his mom cleaning as she had a bad back I was all teary eyes.

Amat is what you would say “a good kid”. He’s been bullied for years at school being poor and a migrant but never said a word.

When he will have the opportunity to shine he will be brought in the “in” crowd. He will face a terrible choice. Say nothing and stay accepted and revered his mother no longer having to work so hard or speak. Speak will come with dire consequences.

He will go through Hell because he did the right thing. The moral thing.

I was proud of Amat and I think every mom on the planet would be proud of having a son like Amat.

He won the title of favorite secondary character with flying colors!

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Who is you favorite secondary male character of 2017?

Thanks for reading!



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