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If I had only one male secondary character yesterday as Amat was so unique today I have three winners for the title of Best Female Secondary Character of 2017.

Usually male characters leave a lasting impression in my romantic-lusting-cavewoman mind BUT these ladies have been exceptional in their own way.

Judge by yourself 😉


Goma from Mists of the Serengeti by Leylah Attar

I love Goma! I want to be Goma when I’ll be old (if I ever feel old one day that’s debatable).

Here is what I wrote about her:

A badass very old lady. I want to be Goma when I’ll be an old lady! Seriously she’s like ninety and rules her world on a farm in the middle of Africa. She wears mummus like a queen, doesn’t bat an eyelash when her life is threatened and she has to face three killers.
“Never piss off an old bird. We’re cranky, constipated, and we need our beauty sleep.”
She is a badass old chicken! I bet all my grandkids would like me to drive them to school just to show off their so cool grand-mother.”



Sora in Sun Warrior by P.C. Cast

Here is what I wrote about Sora in this second book of the series:

What’s even more surprising she made me like Sora! In Moon Chosen I could not stand that superficial brat. I found her vain and egotistical. Then by the end of the book my opinion changed as the girl showed her insecurities. With Sun Warrior I’m now a huge fan of Sora. I like her sarcasm I like mischievous Sora. I like her down to earth and take no crap attitude.

She is less “perfect” than Mari and that’s why she feels more “real”.”



Jillian “Miss Sunshine” in The Hard Truth about Sunshine by Sawyer Bennet

I was in awe of Jillian. Truly!

Here is what I wrote about her:

“Who could remain unaffected by Jillian’s (Miss Sunshine) bright personality? I really loved to witness how she gave him a run for his money. She was spot on and Christopher deflated like a balloon, all anger forgotten when faced with Jillian’s kindness. I swear she was better than Prozac! So sunny that Christopher began to hope. She pierced his walls and made him see the light.
“You’re like a blaze of bright sunshine that the fucking darkest sunglasses can’t repel.”
I’ll have to try to beat my aggressors with kindness. Maybe it will work 😉 

She had her (un)fair share of problems and still she was so courageous and positive!
“It’s nothing more than finding the good in a situation and appreciating it with such passion that it makes up for the loss of other things. It’s redirecting. Refocusing. Accepting. Moving on. “ »


And my favorite quote in the book because I find it so inspirational: “

“I choose to live. I choose to love. I choose to forge my path. Life is my choice.”


Who is your favorite secondary female character of 2017?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I haven’t read any of these books in the list but I have P.C.Cast’s Tales of A New World series in my tbr. I haven’t heard of Mists of Serengeti but it sounds like a great read. Adding it to my tbr!

  2. Great post, Sophie!
    I like how Sora has such a nice character development from Moon Chosen (a book I have yet to read) to Sun Warrior. I love flawed, deeply unlikable characters that suffer a big change towards the better.
    As for Goma, she sounds absolutely delightful as well! Wouldn’t mind growing up to be like her too 🙂