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Today’s choice won’t be about only one sex scene but about a collection of sex scenes in a book and yes I’ll try to choose one….


Today’s winner is Tales from Cushman Row by Suanne Laqueur

First because it’s Suanne’s. That woman could write the phone booth and I would find it life altering. That’s how much I love the gal’s writing!


Second because it’s about MY Jav. Yes he is MINE ladies! I called dibs since An Exaltation of Larks * insert menacing growl here*.  Read what I wrote about this man: “Jav really broke my heart. I just wanted to embrace him and soothe his soul. He had so much hope just to be squashed in the bud. How many slaps and hard knocks can a man endure before losing himself and crumbling under life’s unfairness? He was my favorite. »

I wanted Jav to be happy. To be loved like he deserved. To have sex because he wanted to not because he had to.


Third because of course the dang book IS  HOT. It is a f@ckfest like Suanne said. More important: it was a carefest. That’s the magic ingredient for sex scenes to work with me (is it hot in there?): the care, the love, the reverence. Even if you control the other, even if you give him the best performance in bed if I don’t feel the love, the emotions it just won’t do it for me.

Suanne said “I wanted to get Jav laid. Spectacularly laid. He deserved it. It was time to let him figure out who he was, emotionally and sexually.”

And that’s what we got!


I think Finch was the perfect match for Jav.

My favorite sex scene in the book is “The Role Loneliness Played”. In that scene Finch takes control or rather Jav lets him take control. Not because he wants to dominate Jav but because he wants to care for Jav. Jav never had someone taking care of him. If he was sick het took care of himself. He did not really have someone to “bring him soup and sympathy.” That’s what touched me about Jav in the first book. He was lonely. Rejected. Abandoned so many times. I just had teary eyes. In that scene Finch shows him that he has someone by his side. Someone who cares what happens to Jav. Someone who can take the lead and unburden Jav. Someone he can trust.

It was pure abandon and bliss. It was “so f@cking hot. And it felt so f@cking good”.


Last parting words: Suanne nearly popped my MM cherry. I had only read Wolfsong before reading A Charm of Finches and Tales from Cushman Row. I did not know if I would “get it “ or like it as I lack some essential body part to relate. Now I know what I suspected before: you don’t fall in love with a gender but with a person. Even if I salivate on gorgeous male bodies and not on women’s bodies (buy me the firefighters calendar already 😉).



What is your favorite sex scene? Go on don’t be shy 😉

Thanks for reading!




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