Memorable scene

The most vivid scene still imprinted in my mind as it literally gutted me is an awful one. It’s what’s happening to Geno early on in A Charm Of Finches.

I wanted to message Suanne with these words “I can’t. I just can’t. It hurts too much!”…


As I want to give you some sweet today I will not stop at this memorable but horrific scene.

I will give you candy. Something to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


My two favorite and memorable scenes come from The Butterfly Project by Emma Scott.

One scene is when Zelda is lying on the ice with Beckett and they are looking at the lights on the Christmas tree on Time Square.

“Lie down with me on the ice again. Look up at the tree. All the lights in the branches, straight up over your head. Be there.” “You’re there, too?” “Right here.” A long, breathing silence. “How do you do that, Beckett?” “Do what?” “I called you feeling so goddamn lost, but your voice… It’s like a searchlight in the fog.” “I’m right here,” I said. “

The second scene is when they are swaying in that tiny bedroom dancing on Sinatra. It was magical. Like in a movie.

What I wrote about these characters and these scenes:

“I was not reading about Zelda or Beckett. I was them.
I was overcome by the Christmas tree beauty on Time Square. I was warmed all over, trapped in a bubble of happiness while swaying gently on Sinatra’s song. I could not breathe when I had to go home because it reminded me of my shortcomings. What I didn’t do to save her. I was living time and again that frozen moment when my actions caused death. I was elsewhere, not on the train commuting to work, not on my sofa not… but somewhere in a dingy studio in Brooklyn, sleeping on an air mattress.

Zelda and Becket had nearly nothing. They worked two jobs and lived in a tiny freezing studio and yet they never had been happier. They were not alone anymore. They were alike, supporting each other. Because what’s most important in life is not wealth or possessions but love.”

What are your favorite scenes for 2017?

Thanks for reading!




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    1. Which one Adrienne? And you would love Zelda she is a comics artist and I know you love artists and drawings so much 😉

  1. Great choice. I don’t know how I could have forgotten of the ice-skating scene. Whenever I think of that book the first thing that comes to mind is their first encounter in the alley or them working on the novel together. It’s interesting how people remember books from different things. Someone should make a study on it.

    1. We could make that study one day Talia 😉 Or if you are up to another collaborative post/series I’m your girl!!! Let me just think of something between our lessons <3