Best Blogger of 2017

Today’s topic is the best blogger of 2017.

Confession time: when I began blogging 12 months ago I had no ideas there was so many bloggers out there and so many incredible people.

If you are not a blogger (yet) I will share with you the greatest wonder of the blogging world: they are a tight knit community!

Seriously you are a newbie and have a problem someone will always answer your call and help you out! Bloggers are creative they are passionate and they are supportive.

Choosing only one is impossible.

I will divide my choice into Facebook Bloggers (yes they also have a blog on WordPress or Bloglovin or… ) and WordPress bloggers (who do also have FB or Twitter account bbut WordPress is their main turf).

Two winners for Facebook Blogging and two winners for WordPress.


On Facebook I nominate:

Corina and Tijuana et Book Twins Reviews and Book Twins Hangout

Link to their page HERE ->

They began blogging around the same time I did and now they have already more than 3.000 followers on Facebook.

If that was not enough they are constantly hosting authors takeover, giveaways and have read tons of books this year. TJ said she just “clicked” with Corina and yes I think they are the dream team. I am exhausted just looking at all what they have been doing this year.

Corina introduced me to bookstagrams as she takes incredibly gorgeous pictures all sleek and perfect.

Tijuana should be some PR because that girl has magic social skills!

Both are incredibly talented and very hard workers! You have to respect that.

So girls congratulations!


Collector Of Book Boyfriends and in particular Angelica

Link to their page HERE ->

Not only do they have an incredible fanbase with more than 6.000 followers but Angie got me to participate in three of their monthly challenges!

You have to be creative to come up with all these ideas and convince bloggers to follow you. I can tell you Angie is VERY convincing LOL. Plus who does not like book boyfriends right? They build their blog on a gold mine I tell you!

Maybe it does not seem much but posting every day and writing about either book boyfriends, either couples or “bests of” takes a lot of my time. As I barely have 2 hours a day, max 3 to post, follow, reply etc. it was a huge stress but it’s also been an amazing adventure thanks to all of you who have commented and liked these posts.

YOU made it worth! Yes you all who liked and interacted this month. You made worth all the sweat *gross I know* and lack of sleep.

All that thanks to bossy and persistent Angie who really was whispering “oh but your posts are so great! And I love how you do it. And …”. Imagine Sir Hiss whispering in the King’s hear that’s Angie to me 😉 Miss bossy pants I tell you.

Love you girl!


Onto WordPress bloggers now

I have gathered many friends there and I’m amazed at many fantastic blogs that I already shouted about in my “blogoversary” post.

As I have sadly to keep my choices to a minimum today I choose:

Shanah at Bionic Book Worm.


Shanah manages two businesses with her husband has kids and still comes up with fantastic blogging ideas. Her “Top 5 Tuesday” a weekly meme has the best topics and are really fun to participate in. She is kind, supportive and very enthusiastic and energetic.

She writes fantastic reviews and well I love visiting her blog


My last but not least blogger is Kim at By Hook or by Book


What I love above all else about Kim is her passion. Not only about books but about politics and life in general. She will shake you and open your eyes to the latest injustice, the latest drama. She will collect money to help people. She will …

In two words: she cares!

When she writes  reviews it will always be honest ARC or not and spot on.

She also is extremely generous and will try to help other bloggers when she can. It’s because she was all mama bear on Dani that I came to follow and love Dani’s blog too (Touch My spine).

Dani would also deserve a shout out as many other bloggers friends that I’ve met this year. Melanie, Poulami, Flavia, Geybie, Kristin, Raven, Jay, Lonna, Adrienne… the list is nearly endless.

Do you have favorite bloggers for 2017? Who are they?

Thanks for reading!





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    1. Oh Heather that’s really sweet! I’m touched and blushing right now. If I have helped I’m really happy as people gave me so much I want to give back. Happy New year! May 2018 bring you lots of joy <3

    1. Oh yes. I love how she opens my eyes. She is so passionate about so many things it’s a real pleasure to read her posts!

  1. Great post, Sophie! I am an indie author and I am fortunate to be a part of the warm cuddly world of book bloggers. They are ladies (and gents!) with a passion for literature, getting the word out, and supporting authors and their work. They do a fantastic job.

    1. I could not agree more Alison! I love this community and it gives me truckloads of energy each day! Happy New Year 😉

  2. YASSSS! I agree so much with your wordpress bloggers! I love both those pages so much! When I started blogging in October, they were some of the first blogs I followed. I owe them a lot :]

    This was a really sweet idea!

    1. Thank you Samantha! I love these ladies. They send us so many positive vibes it’s a real boost to read their posts. Happy New Year <3