Romantic Comedy

I love a good Rom-Com! Years ago I’ve read nearly all Sophie Kinsella’s! Other books I’ve read like The Virgin Romance Novelist or Elements of Chemistry  or really ant Penny Reid’s book had me laugh so hard I nearly peed my pants!

Rom-Com is worth at least one hour at the fitness club! So don’t feel guilty if you skip your gym class just read a romantic comedy and make your abs work like mad!

Today I have the perfect Romantic Comedy for you!


Writing Mr Right by T.K. Leigh

Here is an excerpt of what I wrote about the story:

Funny, witty, clever and moving story.

In a tiny nutshell:
Writing Mr Right is about Molly, successful smutty writer and her quest for a muse. She’s successfully published several books but lost the spark somewhere in between.
“It was all the same. Girl meets boy. Girl has no interest in boy. Boy is sexy, perhaps a bit of a player. Girl lands on boy’s d!ck and miraculously falls in love with boy. Boy says he doesn’t do romance, but something about girl, perhaps her gold-plated vagina, makes him change his player ways. Then they live happily ever after and f@ck like bunnies well into their eighties.”
As it turns out Molly has quite a mouth on her and is disillusioned about “true love”. The plot centers on her chase for inspiration through the perfect muse.
Writing Mr Right may be a romantic comedy filled with witty banter and laughing chunks it certainly does not lack depth. (…)

This is a high feat combining lightness and gravity. Finding the perfect balance between hilarity and poignant. (…)

This book is filled with humor (you’ll be a master at naming penises), romance (yes, yes I assure you), tenderness (between Molly and Drew, Molly and her niece), sadness (when Molly witnesses her father fading away day after day) and … hotness (because Noah is just like a sex God ;-)).
The big lesson is plans are meant to be derailed.
One of my favorite quote (just because I can): ”Maybe I had been subconsciously waiting to find a man who would treat me the way a woman deserved to be treated…like a queen in public and a goddess in private.”

And a last parting quote to give you an idea of Molly’s potty mouth:

“Clamjammer?” He lifted a brow. “It’s the female equivalent to a c@ckblocker. You, Noah McAllister, are clamjamming me right now.”



What is your favorite Rom-Com for 2017?

Thanks for reading!


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