Hi friends,

We already are on our ninth day of Blogmas 2019!

Today’s topic is best series!

I have one winner today with several contenders!

My contenders are:

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater;

The Honor series by Rachel Caine and Ann Aguire;

The Daevabad Trilogy by S.A. Charkraborty;

The Cruel Prince (Folk of the Air) by Holly Black

But my winner for this year is a powerful series. One that I am afraid to read the sequels as the author 

The Poppy War is gripping, brutal, horrific, uncompromising and fascinating.

It deals with topics that are big triggers for me. Drugs and addiction is one of them. Usually I would have stopped reading but somehow RF Kuang made me understand why the characters just had to take drugs.

Yet as much as I am smitten with this story I fear reading the sequel! I can’t fathom how this will end with a HEA. I also fear reading/listening to some favorite characters becoming more and more addicted to drugs. I don’t know if I’ll be able to stomach this.

I was fascinated by Rin’s journey. She will go through so many ordeals she had nearly no respite.

She’ll have one friend at the academy and many enemies.

Some enemies will turn allies under extreme circumstances in the book. I loved how RF Kuang made me despise them when Rin did and like them when Rin did too. This author swayed my mind and opinion like weed dance with the wind.

She did it for the characters that I hated then loved, for the drug problem that I usually would not could have read about but that she made me somehow “tolerate” and she did it again when the book turned to a pitch-black tone. Something so brutal, horrific and full of gore that I usually simply cannot read without vomiting.

This story will give you nightmares. It will send you in pits of despair when humankind shows its most monstrous face. It will give you power when someone who’s fate seemed sealed turned the tables and soared like a Phoenix feeding from pain and hate.

Recommend it? Absolutely but don’t go looking for romance and unicorns as you won’t find it.


What is your best series of 2019?


Thanks for reading!


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  1. I am so happy to see that the raven boys was able to get on your honourable mentions list 😀 I am glad you loved the sequel to the poppy war so much ^.^ I am looking forward to trying the sequel now!

  2. I have only read the The Raven Cycle from the list above, and I loved that series. I heard the Poppy War was quite brutal. Not really my thing, but I saw lots of rave reviews for it.

    1. Well I hesitated for a long time before reading The Poppy War Sam. Maybe you could try the audiobook? The narrator is exceptional!