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Today is the first day of our Blogmas event. I will post every day of December about my Best Book read in 2019 in a different category. By the end of December or rather January 1st I will have a giveaway for one physical copy of one of my best books.

I did not limit this challenge to books published in 2019 because some that I have read this year were so phenomenal that they also need some love!

I will try to choose one winner only per category BUT sometimes you’ll get two winners as I have read more than 120 books this year and some favorites fit different categories. Contenders may also appear in the posts!

If you want to participate some days, just post and use the #Blogmas2019 and clumsy me will try to spot it on social media and give it some love and light 😀 

Today’s category is Young Adult.

I could not choose only one Young Adult and you get two winners today! One contemporary and one fantasy.


The Exact Opposite of Okay by Laura Steven

I decided to read that book after having read Sim (alias Simant @flippingthroughthepages) raving about it on IG and her blog! As Laura Steven will attend YALC UK I decided to give it a go.

I am madly in love with this book!

It is clever, witty, moving, smart, bold under the cover of a seemingly innocent YA story!

I think every teenager and professor and parent should read this book!

I also give Betty the gold medal of supportive, unconventional and witty grand-mother.

Laura’s writing is extremely funny because Izzy is a comedian! You have tons of come back and humor. Yet this is also tragic and vulnerable. Like these kids who hide their sadness and their fear under a jokester mask.

I could go on and on about this book!

Just know that under that brightly colored cover and seemingly innocuous YA contemporary hides a smart, thoughtful, funny and shameless little jewel!


Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson

Prepare to be bossed around as you will find this book in more than one category! I had a huge crush on that book! That’s why I won’t delve into details in today’s post as I’ll have other opportunities to gush a about it!

Honestly I can’t recall the last time that I read about a book with magic and sorcerers and had so much fun! Not since reading Harry Potter I dare say! I know JK Rowling is the queen but Margareth Rogerson did a dang fine job in entertaining me in the best sense of the word! I’ve been simply swept off my feet and catapulted in a heroic and magical world!



What would be your best YA read in  2019?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I always feel so guilty that I haven’t read Margaret Rogerson’s books yet. Especially since Chelsea has raved on and on about how much she loves her books. And then you love them too. Ack, I need to put it on my must read list for next year!

  2. Ahh great picks! I have heard incredible things about both of these books and they are on my TBR already, I can’t wait to discover and fall in love with them both 🙂

  3. I have the Exact of the Opposite on my tbr! And I still need to read Sorcery of thorns… hopefully on my list for early 2020 at this rate ;.;

  4. Now I definitely need to read a Sorcery of Thorns! I’ve been seeing it everywhere and the cover us gorgeous! After your ringing endorsement, I’ll have to read it. I have a feeling this blogmas will add a lot of books to my 2020 TBR

  5. Hooray for the first day of Blogmas! 🙂 I’ll be combining several days but I still hope to hit all the prompts.

    The Exact Opposite of Okay seems like one I would like. YA, contemporary, dark humor… I’ll have to check it out!

    1. Tanya I can’t wait to see your posts! And if you read this one, message me! I’d love to chat about it!