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In Blogmas 2019 today we will talk plot twist!

I love when an author just pulls the rug under my feet! I only have one winner today but what a book! It deserves to be mentioned in other categories like Dark Read even if it’s not the classical dark book.

Jersey Six by Jewel E Ann blew my mind!

Huge book hangover ahead!

Jersey Six is:











Brutal like Jersey’s life and fists. She reminded me of the movie “Million Dollar Baby” when she fought all the time, pummeling men bigger than her. Jersey could be an add for the worse that you can find in the foster system.

Raw like Jersey’s confessions. OMG when she confided some stories of her past with Ian I did not know if I should cry, vomit or both!

Intricate because the plot is so well thought! I had guessed some and was pretty confident that, “Haha Jewel! I guessed the truth!” (add a look of triumph here) when Bam! I did not see that left hook coming and I was left knocked out! Unexpected twist!

Lethal because there are killers in that story. Some killed to survive, to stop the abuse. Others killed by mistake and dumbness.

Lonely because that’s how Jersey’s life has been. Rejected by her mom, not fit to be adopted she has been left one way or another by any people who counted for her. Always left to fend for herself in that cruel life, forced to go to whatever end to survive.

Impenetrable like Ian’s mind and secrets. His past his better guarded than Fort Knox!


Addictive because I had to know and read till the wee hours of morning!


Numb like Jersey when she sold her body to get some antibiotic salve or something to eat.


Toxic as that’s how I saw her relationship with Chris after some time.


At the end of the story, all these characters has been roughed up by life, beat up and left with deep scars. But you know what? “Bunnies still hop with one ear.”

To sum it up: this story is brutal, dysfunctional and heartbreaking! Just read it!


What’s the book that you have read in 2019 with the best plot twist?


Thanks for reading!


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