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Blogmas is still going strong! Today we will talk about the best book recommendation that you got from a friend in 2019!

I have one winner because said friend, Alexandra, was so bossy but she was right!


I absolutely adored The City of Brass by S.A. Chakraborty! So much that I immediately “one clicked” The Kingdom of Copper!

This is a fabulous and lush tale filled with political scheming, betrayals, hidden agendas, fabulous and deadly creatures, magic and hot Daeva.

The book is filled with:

-Djinn’s complicated politics;

-ancestral hate and legendary battles;

-scheming and betrayals;

-attraction and forbidden love;

-extraordinary and fearsome magical creatures;

-secrets upon secrets;


And so much more!


I loved Nahri! She is not flawless, she is determined, stubborn and a survivor. Street smart she will adapt the best she can. She also has a warm personality and her heart will soon beat for a warrior who is far from an angel.

Dara ….sigh, Dara was my favorite just before Ali. He is one of these heroes with a troubled past and many things to atone for. Far from flawless he is …complicated.

Ali is also a hero you will fall for as he follows his heart and his beliefs. He is good to his core but is also an incredibly gifted warrior! Devout man, resisting Daevabad’s temptations he will be swayed by other’s misery. Gullible sometimes he will also be torn in his loyalty between his family and that of the Shafits.

The story is rich, complex and we’ve barely scratched the surface as many secrets remain to uncover.


What was the best recommendation that you got from a friend in  2019?


Thanks for reading!



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  1. Getting book recommendations from friends is always so fun, especially if they know your tastes well! I have heard such wonderful things about this book and I know I need to read it D:

  2. I haven’t heard of this book but BOY it sounds pretty amazing!!!! All the aspects I love in a story. Glad to hear you enjoyed it as much as you did, love those good recommendations.