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Already day 28 of this blogmas and I wanted to talk about the books I’d dream to see made into movies!

Yes yes I know, the book is always better but there are some exceptions, the best one being Harry Potter for me or The Hunger Games.

So, provided that the cast is perfect (and that’s the hardest part as we all have our own image of the main characters in our head), the script writers stay true to the original story and the movie director is a genius, I would LOVE to see:

Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson AND What the Wind Knows by Amy Harmon.

My reasons are:

Sorcery of Thorns is incredibly imaginative!

It truly reminded me of the feeling of wonder when I read Harry Potter’s books! Margaret Rogerson created an enchanting story with living (and grumpy) grimoirs, demons coming in all shades of grey, a quest to save humanity, an orphaned heroine sheltered but brave and a handsome sarcastic sorcerer.

Provided that special effects are done correctly and that the cast is right I think it would make for an elating and enchanting story!

Perfect to watch around Christmas with the kids.




What the Wind Knows simply reminded me of Outlander.

Not a pale copy no! An original story with strong and steady characters. With time travel and an impossible love story. One that is made for legend! And let’s not forget all the historical background and the gorgeous Irish land as a backdrop!

And I think the best asset of that book is showing that there was no true villain. Everyone did what they felt was best for Ireland!

“I’d been wrong about one thing. These were not average men and women. Time had not given them a gloss they had not earned. Even those I wanted to loathe, based on my own research and conclusions, conducted themselves with fervor and honest conviction. These weren’t posing politicians. They were patriots whose blood and sacrifice deserved history’s pardon and Ireland’s compassion.”

I swear this would make for an incredibly romantic and inspiring historical movie!


Now do tell me: what books read in 2019 would make the best movies and why?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I’ve not read either of these yet. Sounds like I’m missing out. I would love to see the Hell Divers series made into movies. So many great action plots and awesome characters.