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Today in Blogmas 2019 it’s all about books with angst, suspense and some dark topics or undertone!

I have two winners today and one contender!

I used to read very dark books some years ago but today I am more about a suspenseful atmosphere or some angst in the book than really twisted books like I read “before”.

My winners are books where the main characters have been through really painful ordeals. They are broken one way or another. They have flawes. They have been beaten up by life. There is an urgency in these books!

My contender is rather a “magical realism” I guess with a real atmosphere! You’ll find my contender in other categories!

My contender is Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo

You have mystery, murder, magic, action, betrayal, horror, morally grey and complex characters with a dash of gentleman mentor on top. And let’s not forget the building of a crew throughout the story.


My winners are :

Jersey Six by Jewel E. Ann (also featured in another category)

Today I’ll keep it very simple and will say:  this story is brutal, dysfunctional and heartbreaking!

There is abuse in this book, there is death, there is a secret, there is a big reveal and it left me with a huge book hangover! So far this is my favorite by Jewel E Ann.






Covet by Ella James

Ella James has the knack to bring you harsh and dramatic stories. The one you will read and suffer right alongside her characters, grinding your teeth as it is so painful for them and for you.

The book holds its secrets like russian dolls.
One secret hides another one which hides another one.
Some you’ll guess pretty easily as the author is hinting quite loudly at them leaving snippets of dreams and memories here and there but others you will never guess and they will explode in your face!

You will also have two people really haunted by their respective traumatic pasts.
Finley had to survive a dramatic death in her young live leaving het marked for years. She is multi talented as many have to be on such isolated island. She is strongly resilient now and fierce in her feelings, being deeply loyal.
Yet she feels lonely. Transparant.

Declan also has lived traumatic events and has come to the island to get better. He will really have to fight a hard battle. Every instant. It is incredible how Ella James really put us in his head making us realize that some things are not simple to solve. That will is not always the master.
Declan was flawed and had made mistakes yet he was a victim and he was brave in spite of his weaknesses or maybe because of them.

What’s the best dark/suspenseful or angsty book that you have read in 2019?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I think i’m sort of interested in Ninth House! 😀 I’m not one for too much magic, but with the murder mystery it does sound kind of appealing.

    1. That’s exactly what I feel Dani! I think it’s because we know abuse exist but reading about their healing gives us hope!

  2. This has me wondering, do you encounter a lot of “taboo” stuff in the romance books you read or do you usually avoid those whenever you can? Is it easier to read about as a fiction or is it still as “disgusting” and not at all interesting for you? 😮

    1. That’s a very good question Lashaan! I need a mix of sweet romance and heavier stuff with taboo in it. And I would say about the “disgusting” aspect that it depends on the author’s talent to make me empathize with the characters and see things from their perspective!

  3. Question of the Day: When am I going to (finally) read something by Jewel E. Ann and Ella James?! At least I know which two to start with when I finally do!