Series Audiobook Review

Reading order:

Broken Bonds #1

Blood Bonds #2

Forced Bonds #3

Savage Bonds #4

Tragic Bonds #5

Unbroken Bonds #6

I rated each book 4,5 stars so the whole series gets a 4,5 stars rating

This is a reverse harem urban fantasy series and I’d like to begin with: I don’t like reverse harem!
Give me a possessive and protective alpha or cinnamon roll hero any day!
Not polyamorous relationships.

Well I guess Bonds that Tie is the infamous exception to the rule for me

What made it work for me is that every man had to work to give room to the others and that didn’t happen instantly. Rather it builds up slowly and organically with the wellbeing of their bonded at the center of it. And that made it much more believable to me.

Also, if there are very very hot sex scenes, they are few thank god!
What I mean is that the graphic sex NEVER overpowered the story! And it’s a GIANT PLUS for me!

If you have read my review for A Light in the Flame you know that sex taking over the plot in a series that I otherwise adore was a real repellent for me.

In Bonds that Tie, the relationships, the smut, the  plot and the characters (plural) development work seamlessly together! So well done J Bree!

Also before talking about what’s IN the story, a last warning: in the first book the guys are odious to Oli. Real bullies. But don’t let that deter you because a big part of the fun was making them change their minds about her!

What will you find in Bonds that Tie?

The plot happens in our modern world but alongside mere humans you have gifted people. Their powers range from elemental (power, ice, earth) to being super strong, eating souls, manipulating shadows and nightmare creatures etc.

The world being divided between humans and gifted, it was bound to happen. A part of the gifted ” the Resistance” wants to rule over humans. While the other camp, the one from Oleander and her bounds, want to live peacefully alongside humans.

Every gifted people has one or more fated mate. When their mate die they are truly devastated. And when together they get a power boost.

As said above, you can have one or more fated mates. Whatever their gender too. And you all live under one roof. So you have to share and work in symbiosis 😉

Again I talked about it the sex is very hot, very graphic with sometimes several partners in the same scene. So if you love spice you’ll be happy! And if you are not a big fan, you’ll be satisfied too as it’s in just some parts of the stories.

Every character will experience change and growth. Some more than others. Oli will go from rather scared of her power to embracing them and becoming a confident person.
Other of her men will go from being awful and bullies to Uber protective and supportive.

As I said above, the cleavage between the resistance and Oli’s camp will give us constant battles and impressive fights throughout the book.
And to prepare for said fights, you need tack teams and training! I adored the training part in the first book!

Oli lost her birth parents and will collect friends who will feel like family and of course her bonds!

All Oli’s bonded are drool worthy! I dare you to pick a favorite but I confess that my preference goes for senator North! Or maybe broody mysterious Nox?
Now Gryphon is also very very sexy and he is so talented with his tongue. Or Gabe, real great guy and cinnamon roll. Or wait wait, no! Atlas. So strong and so devoted to Ollie!

Oleander has endured so much and yet she came out stronger. She has a heart of gold despite people fearing and despising her. They simply don’t deserve her….She’ll gain in confidence throughout the book and will never hesitate to run into danger to protect her friends.

As you can see  I really appreciated that series and both narrators (male and female) did a very good job!

Thanks for reading.


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  1. I never heard of this series before but now I am curious! I am not the biggest fan of reverse harem and of the fated love trope (I’m not against them, but I am not particularly fond of them) but all the rest sounds intriguing!!