Our topic of the day is one of my favorite genres: fantasy!!!

I have many favorite fantasy authors but I try to tone it down just to make sure not to bore you out! So I’ll go with my Holy Trinity and they are all winners! I can’t choose one today so go with it!


First winner: Sarah J Maas

So far she has written two main series:The Throne of Glass with Aelin Galathynius as a kickass female character (but Manon Blackbeak is fantastic too) and A Court Of Thorns and Roses featuring a human Feyre becoming a Fae. If Feyre is incredible in that series I have a fondness for Rhysand!!!

What makes her books so captivating? They are the epitome of epic fantasty. A plot filled with surprises, strong characters going through Hell, several side characters deserving their own series, a new universe…

A Court of Mist and Fury was: “Stunning! Epic, vivid, gripping, magnificent, surprising and many other things! “ and “A Court of Mist and Fury is once more an epic tale, full with battles, twists and turns and incredibly vibrant characters. I loved Cassian, Amren, Mor and Azriel. They were perfectly portrayed, all adding layers to the story, giving interesting side stories to follow within the main story. I loved the building of this fantasy world, between snow caped landscapes, Summer kingdoms and dark mountains. Above all else, I loved the characters development. The author truly made me fear the worst before righting my world again, giving me a fantastic surprise with Rhysand. I’m in heaven when writers trick me in such a way, completely reshaping my perception and understanding of the main characters.”

Wow not bad at all 😉


Second winner: Holly Black

My firts Holly Black book was The Coldest Girl in Coldtown. It was unique and riveting. Holly specializes in characters and stories in all shades of grey. The “good” is not flawless and the “bad” is not totally black either.

I concluded my review of “The Coldest Girl..” with:” This book is full of killings and gore and yet, it did not deter me in the least. Strangely, even the end worked for me. I usually like to have closure but it was an open end and yet, not a cliffhanger either. It did not let me frustrated as it allowed me to imagine my own end and I’ve faith in Tana and gavriel!

So unique, fascinating, enthralling. A must read!”

And it went on with The Cruel Prince my most recent Holly read:” What I adore above all else with Holly Black’s books is that they come in all shades of grey. They are never white or black. No character is spotless.

The main characters develop in such a way that their soul is slowly eaten away. The become more intense, more focused and have to adapt to their dangerous environment. It’s like a cloud of dark ink is slowly tainting their soul and heart.

 Jude was good but she had to adapt to survive.
Holly Black does not write fairy tales.
Holly black does not leave you with a rosy and unicorn feeling.

What Holly Black wrote one more time with the Cruel Prince is a book about faeries. The cruel faeries. The ones that trick you and have you dance till you die of exhaustion. The ones that will harass you because they see humans as worms and want to squish them.”


My third winner is Cassandra (Cassie) Clare!

I’ve read all her series so far beginning with “The Mortal Instruments” (Jace!!!), “The Infernal Devices” (Will!!!) and now going on with my favorite “The Dark Artifices”.

Here is some of what I wrote about that latest series: “This is not about two main characters but about a family! The Blackthorn.
 photo lord shad 1_zpscde5fbrb.jpg
In this second installment Emma and Julian’s story continues but takes a back. So many side characters grow and evolve they can’t be considered as side characters any longer. Every Blackthorn and their “adopted” (Diana and Emma) or “collected” (Kit, Kieran, Christina) friends are main characters somehow. And that my friends make for a very vivid, enthralling story. Yepee!
What Cassandra Clare gives us is unique: a rich story evolving right alongside the protagonists, each having his/her own adventure and yet all moving seamlessly right alongside the others. They are a unit, limbs of the same body, united by a fierce love. (…) To sum everything up: this sequel is filled with actions, introspection, complicated relationship, emerging friendship, love, hate, and end on a huge drama.”

She also specialises in starcrossed lovers.

Sorry for the long post I tend to gush about my favorites!

Who are your favorite fantasy authors?

Thanks for reading and happy Sunday!



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  1. Sarah J. Maas is my No.1 favorite too! Her books are totally addictive! I’m fan of her lyrical writing style and the stunning covers! I also love Leigh Bardugo, Holly Black, and Renee Ahdieh.