Hellooooo dear friends,


I know I’ve been a bad bad girl and yesterday was not connected but I was nose stuck in a book and I needed to finish it!

Today we are back on track with the thirteenth day of our challenge Collector of Book Boyfriends and I.

Topic of the day: your favorite duo!


You have lots and lots and lots of excellent writing duo.

I’ve interviewed two of them and they are my winners of the day!


First you have Erin Watt alias Jen Frederick and Elle Kennedy.

They are successful authors on their own but together they wrote the highly addictive The Royals series! They also wrote the standalone “When It’s Real”. Scoop: my daughter is busy reading Paper Princess in French and she is addicted too!

When she learned that I interviewed the authors I was suddenly the coolest mom of the world!

Find their interview here: https://bewareofthereader.com/interview-erin-watt-we-loooooove-the-wonderful-author-of-ya-series-the-royals-and-standalone-when-its-real/

Oh and they are evil mastermind loving to torture their readers with cliffhangers!

  • Who was the diabolical mind behind the cliffhangers of Hell? Who loves torturing readers among you? Did you get many bribes from readers just to leak some scoop about the second and then the third book? I know you love your teasers so I think you enjoy having us being all expectant and suffering 😉 

LOL The cliffhangers were inevitable! We felt that Ella’s story was going to be too long to fit into a single book, which didn’t leave us much choice but to have cliffhangers. Plus, isn’t that the best part of any soap opera? That moment when you think everything’s finally getting resolved and then BAM! – with 2 minutes left in the show, the other shoe has dropped and you’re going to have to tune in next time to find out?

Ok… maybe it was just a little evil, but the tag line is “These Royals will ruin you.”



My second winners today are Jane Harvey-Berrick and Stuart Reardon

Honestly when I read Undefeated I was ready to read some sportsromance, easy to read and good but nothing that intense!

I was so taken aback that I had to reach for Jane and ask if they both would be ready to answer my questions.

You can find the whole interview here: https://bewareofthereader.com/interview-stuart-reardon-and-jane-harvey-berrick/

Aaand to end today on a little bit of fun here are some of her answers:

Most embarrassing moment of your life?

Jane: “Losing my skirt in a nightclub. The heel of my boot caught in the fringe of my skirt and pulled it right down!”

Stuart: “First time I did a nude photoshoot.”


That’s it for today!

Now who are your favorites duos?

Thanks for reading again!


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