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Today’s challenge from Collector of Book Boyfriends and I features Indie authors!

Months ago I wrote a post delving into the pros and cons of indie authors vs traditionally published ones. More freedom for the indies obviously, more control BUT they do have to do all the work!

I’m so happy as it gives me the opportunity to gush about one of my utmost favorite authors and human being: Emma Scott!

I know you must be fed up with my raving by now but I’m not sorry at all!

So far she publishes three books a year! It’s a good number AND she gives us quality writing every time!

She also wrote an epic fantasy story (big book) under the pen name of ES Bell. I’ve pushed this book on everyone I think.


Emma is not only extremely gifted as an author she also is a gorgeous person who cares about others!

I’ve retold my meeting with her at RARE London one month ago but I’m still dumbfounded with her gift!

That’s why you’ll get here below on the blog a picture of her gift (blown glass rose) AND my signed books!

Here is an excerpt of what I wrote in The Butterfly Project: “I tried three times to write this review. I was always erasing and changing trying to make it better. Until I realized it did not have to be perfect. Like the heroes my review will have flaws because I could never compare to Emma Scott’s writing.
So what?
I will follow a beloved author’s advice: write like no one will ever read you. That way you’ll be true to yourself.

First of all I loved the book.
Emma Scott is now right alongside authors like Amy Harmon, Suanne Laqueur, Brittainy C Cherry, Leylah Attar…in my personal pantheon of exceptional writers. These ladies are all gifted with graceful writing.


Do you get now why Emma is my favorite indie author?


Who is your favorite indie author?


Thansk for reading!


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    1. Thank you Jay!!!! I hope one day I’ll feature you on my blog! I will book a week in May to read your book as it’s been sitting so long (too long) on my kindle!