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We have reached the 19th day of our Book Author Challenge hosted by Collector of Book Boyfriends and I!

Nineteen days of posting every day about our favorite authors!

Today’s topic is about authors we think have a gorgeous writing. I have several authors that I love reading as Brittainy C Cherry, Leylah Attar, Emma Scott with beautiful writings and Suanne Laqueur with a powerful writing.


But there is one author whose writing I would (and have) qualify as graceful: Amy Harmon

To help convince you here are several excerpts of my reviews:


The Queen and the Cure

Well the original opening was:

“Light glanced off of the empty throne and streaked across the wide room, peeking around corners and climbing the walls. Silence was the only occupant. Something fluttered overhead, breaking the stillness. Vines with leaves so emerald they appeared black in the shadows, wrapped their way around the rocks and past the windows, filtering the light and casting the interior in a wash of green. The castle was holding her breath. She’s been holding her breath for so long”.

So much more beautiful than what I wrote but it’s been a long time since I realized I would never reach Amy’s ankle with my writing.


Making Faces:

WARNING: this book is so beautifully written and the stories so inspiring you’ll want to read it and re-read it again and again!

Amy Harmon has just a magic touch with words. With a few well thaught sentences she delivers pearls of wisdom and sensitivity. I filled nearly two pages with her quotes and sentences so beautiful I wanted to keep them and meditate them each day.

The Law of Moses

What I deeply love about Amy’s books is the warm feelings you’re left with. I’m always feeling happy, joyful like I’ve been touched by some kind of grace. So once more, thank you Amy, you wrote another wonderful story.


From Sand and Ash

She did it again: swept me of my feet to carry me into her world.
If you follow my reviews you should know by now that I’m a HUGE fan of Amy Harmon. She can say in just a few words what I could not convey in two pages. She is a words magician.


The Bird and the Sword

“Once more, Amy Harmon enchanted me with her incredible talent. If Lark is a Teller and has power with words, Amy must have some Teller in her family tree too. Yes, I’m a fan through and through and this latest novel only strengthens Amy’s position as one of my top 5 authors. If Contemporary Amy was incredible Fantasy Amy is just as excellent! “


And I could add Running Barefoot, A Different Blue, The Song of David and The Smallest Part…


Sorry I’m gushing but her writing is really unique and it’s always daunting to write a review for her books as I know that I can’t compare.

Now do tell me who is the author you think has the most gorgeous writing?

Thanks for reading and happy Monday!


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