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On this day Collector fo Book Boyfriends and I chose to feature authors giving you thrills! Thrillers, mysteries or suspense.

Of course I could feature Stephen King the master of horror and suspense. Or SJ Watson who made me tremble with Before I go to Sleep


Today I chose a YA brand new author that blew me away last year!

I think my review on Goodreads was one who gathered the most “likes” as I had the opportunity to review an ARC of what would soon become a phenomenon, translated in 35 languages!

If that’s not a brilliant debut in mystery/suspense I don’t know what is!


Today my winner is Karen McManus with her One of Us is Lying!

Excerpt of my review:

I finished this book today “readwalking” home as I could not put it down. I just had to know!!!
It was like Agatha Christies happening in high school with a Gossip Girl feel. I was deeply invested in this first work by Karen M. McManus.

one of us is lying photo One of us is lying quote_zpswzvwafxx.jpg

“It’s a great story: four good-looking, high-profile students all being investigated for murder. And nobody’s what they seem. The pressure’s on now, Bayview Police. Maybe you should be looking a little closer at Simon’s old entries. You might find some interesting hints about the Bayview Four.”

It all begins in a classroom with five teenagers serving detention. They’ve been set up. Someone planted phones in their backpacks and the teacher had a strong no phone policy. By the end of detention only four will still be alive. Simon the creator of a gossip app dies poisoned.

Soon enough investigations begin revolving around the four students. Who is the murderer?

Is it Cooper the good ol’boy and rising baseball star? Is it Addy the shiny blonde Barbie? Is it Nate the school drugs dealer? Or is it valedictorian and goody two shoes Bronwyn?
One by one they’re questioned.
One by one we uncover their secrets… (…)

All along I was wondering: do I KNOW my kids? I mean really know them? Could I discover similar secrets or double lives? It was a somewhat unsettling but the right kind of unsettling. The one that gives you thrills because you love being a little bit frightened.


If you haven’t read it but love YA and mysteries you should really give this book a chance!


Now who is your favorite mystery/thriller/suspense author?


Thanks for reading!


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