This is heavy stuff today!

Which author would have written a book that would have changed your life? Or at least shaken your beliefs? Or opened your eyes and minds? Or…

I do recall being shaken to my core by Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma. I was so surprised to root for a hero who cowmitted such forbidden act and yet…

A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini was also eye opening about what was happening to women under the Taliban reign.


More recently I’ve read a book that changed drastically my view on LGBT litterature/romance/relationships.

The Silver Cage written by Anonymous made such a deep impression that I had to write an “Open Letter to Anonymous” as I had no means to reach the author.

So today’s winner is …Anonymous.

Here is an excerpt of said letter:

“Dear Anonymous,

I don’t know you. You hid behind the cloak of anonymity to publish this powerful book and yet you could be naked for all that you’ve bled in these pages.

I don’t need a name to feel your immense pain, your hard battle, your conflicted emotions.

I don’t need a name to know.

Know that you’ve been shunned by beloved ones.

Know that you’ve been wearing a mask for a long time. Pretending. Projecting this outer personnality that felt too small constricting like wearing clothes you long outgrew.

Know that you met someone, someday. That it’s been joy and torture.

Know from your acknowledgement that unlike Caleb you also met people believeing in you, supporting you. Just helping you to live. To grow stronger. To become who you are now. Smart. Sensitive. Still fragile  but stronger.


I have no mean to ask you what your journey was like.

I can’t know how you found your way. Who helped you. At what price.

Do you feel happy? Content?

Do you help others?

Do you open other people’s eyes to the suffering of people loving whatever the gender?


I’d like to conclude this open letter with a thank you.

You changed my view on the so called “LGBTQ” litterature. I’ve never mocked or shunned gay and lesbian but now I see it truly just like love stories.

Know that wherever you are you helped someone to change her view.

I wish you peace of mind and solace for your heart.


Do you see what I meant by changing life?

Now as I’m always curious and love these kind of books shaking your beliefs and slapping you in the face do tell me who your life changing authors are please!

Happy Sunday!



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  1. 53 Letters For my Lover by Leylah Attar. I grew up amongst very strict beliefs, so that book helped me open my mind more than I thought I could’ve. Also, now I just gotta read this book since you’re raving SO MUCH!♥

    1. Hahaha yes Ari I know I’m raving about it!And I’m also fangirling on your teaser for 53 Letters 😉 You did a brilliant job!