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I’ve tried to catch up with my fee and like/comment today as the weeks have been hectic! I hope to pots many reviews in the coming days and week 😉

Anyway today is day 28 in our challenge with Collector of Book Boyfriends . Topic: authors with series.

I have two contenders and one winner.


First contender: Rebecca Zanetti

She wrote the Dark Protector series, the Blood Brothers series, the Realm Enforcers series, the …

The Realm Enforcers series is a nice mix of MC and fantasy. If you’re looking for an enjoyable read without too much angst, filled with sexy as sin male witches bikers and opininated female cops, this is for you.


Second contender Devney Perry

She wrote five books in the Jamison Valley series in a little more than one year!!!!

I’ve just finished a stand alone: The Birthday List but she’ll release another series soon: Lark Cove.

The Jamison Valley is a series happening in a small twon and I wrote: “And I’m also a sucker for small town stories. I love the tight knit community feel, the gossip, the support. Prescott, Montana (love that State) was no exception to the rule with its local gossiping men reunion and football entertainment: “Let me educate you a bit about Prescott High sports. Everyone comes to see what everyone else is doing. Sure, we all cheer for the kids and hope they win, but that’s just the sideshow. We really come to see what people are up to, what they look like, if they’ve gained weight and who they’re with. It’s the second biggest gossip spot in town behind the Coffee Club.”


My winner is…. Beth Flynn and her Nine Minutes series!

Here is some of what I wrote about the second book:

Honestly Mrs Flynn, I don’t know where you find all these ideas and make them work incredibly well without losing your way. I’m officially starstruck. It’s diabolical and I must have experienced intellectual orgasms as it was soooooooooooooo smartly executed!

Now do tell me who are your favorite authors writing series?

Thanks for reading!


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