Today is the day we turn dark!

Don’t be fooled by the word “romance” we are looking at dark and twisted stories here!

I confess it’s a genre I have to be in the mood to really appreciate but some stories even if they were way out of my comfort zones were pure genius!

I’m choosing to feature an author dear to my heart today. As much as I’m not a big fan or dark romance I can’t help but admire her skills.

She is the queen of dark and twisted.

Today dear friends I’m featuring Jaimie Roberts!


I’ve known Jaimie for years now and did some beta read and editing for her.

Jaimie can write sweet and angsty, hot and a little bit twisted or very very dark and very very very twisted!

To prove my point let me give you two excerpt of what I wrote for what I consider her darkest series: Siren and My Valentine.

Siren first:

I don’t know what to think of it, I’m still recovering and gathering my thoughts.

I don’t know if I must head to the nearest psych ward because this book was SICK with a big “S” and even if I thought stopping reading it about a million times I just couldn’t and I went on and on and on… and it must say something about my deranged mind, right? Or maybe it has to do with Jaimie Robert’s talent…

It’s NOT the kind of story I usually read. I love dark reads but I have some limits others don’t have and let me tell you Jaimie pushed all my buttons again and again and again and… with this story.

Did I like what I read? Honestly no. It was painful. It was not liking that I felt but rather a horrified fascination. It sometimes felt bad it sometimes felt like a release the same way some BDSM addict gets off on a hard spanking or caning. In my opinion, this is not a story someone “like” as it would be too meek, too shallow. It’s a story that will either disgust you plain and simple either suck you in and won’t let you quit or either amaze you because Jaimie did she dare in this one! Anyway, it will challenge you and provoke extreme emotions. You’ll either hate it or praise it.”

My Valentine:

So what I would tell you is this: if you are a dark and twisted read addict, please read this! It’s a masterpiece in its genre truly.
It’s riveting, it’s sick, it’s filled with twists and it’s around a scorned *that’s not even the right term* woman seeking her revenge and delivering it without mercy.
Scarlet was cunning, smart, determined, merciless.

Now do tell me who is your queen or king of dark romance?

Thanks for reading always!



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  1. Great Post, Sophie! I haven’t read any of Jaimie Roberts books yet but I recently added her upcoming book HeadMaster on my TBR list. I can’t wait to read it! 🙂

  2. I’ve heard of this author but never got around to reading anything from her…I’ll have to check her out because just the covers alone have me intrigued!!

  3. I’ve heard of Jaime Roberts, but I haven’t read her books. Now you have me intrigued Sophie. I don’t read a ton of dark romance authors, but I’ve liked books by authors C.J. Roberts and Aleatha Romig. And I don’t know if J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood counts because it’s paranormal romance/urban fantasy, but the oh my gosh are they dark.