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So Day 2 and our choice today is about artisticBook boyfriends!


Do you love artistic males? Or do you consider them too much work to bother with? Well some of my most favorite book boyfriends are artists! I love their talent and sensitivity. But they still have to be…MALE if you know shat I mean LOL.


So here is my top 5 artistic book boyfriends.



Number 1: Javier (Jav) from An Exaltation of Larks by Suanne Laqueur




Javier was not the main character in this story. He certainly was one of the most important side characters but he pierced my heart. Literally. I fell head over heel in love with him. He may have been an escort to pay the bills and even came to enjoy it he was first and foremost a writer.

I wanted his happiness so much! He is one of these characters that you can’t forget. You carry him with you for years, everywhere. He is one of these book boyfriends every other have to be compared to.

The good news is that his book will come soon enough in A Charm of Finches! I beta read this book and it’s mind blowing, a punch in the gutts and not for the faint or hearts!


Here is an extract from my review about Jav:

I loved Alex and Val but Jav really broke my heart. I just wanted to embrace him and soothe his soul. He had so much hope just to be squashed in the bud. How many slaps and hard knocks can a man endure before losing himself and crumbling under life’s unfairness? He was my favorite.
I thought he was a disturbance in the beginning. I wanted to follow only Val and Alex’s story but he soon hijacked my heart. I think Mrs Laqueur you’ve been really hard on him and you tore my heart off so many times! I swear if you send me Jav under bubble wrap I’ll take good care of his poor soul and neglected heart.




Number 2: Lukas from Lukas by Carian Cole


Tattoo artist and violonist


Lukas is the epitome of perfect boyfriend. If you love reads with a younger man and older woman this is a fantastic one!

Here is what I wrote about Lukas in the book:

“Honestly Lukas is my favorite so far. He is just perfect and touched me in ways few male characters have touched me, Archer by Mia Sheridan and Ehd from Transcendance aside. He really, really, really, really (add as many as you want) is the perfect book boyfriend.
If I usually fall for the Uber Alpha males, Lukas does not fit into that category. He is better, a unique blend of innocence, fragility mixed with strength and tranquil determination. He is an old soul in a young very attractive body. I could rave for pages and pages about him because he made a huge lasting impression.”


Favorite quote to represent Lukas:

”Do you believe in soul mates?” His voice is low and soft, with a hint of hesitancy, like he’s afraid of what I might say. Lukas doesn’t belong her, I realized right then. He’s a Knight. A prince. A warrior. A Viking. He’s one of those men that fight for love ‘til the end of time. One who would carry a woman away on his horse and make mad passionate love to her on the grass. A man who takes what he wants and make it his forever. A man not afraid to dream or believe in what can’t be seen, but only can be felt. His heart is lost in this time, where people no longer live to love or believe that love can transcend time.”


Dreamy right? 😀 



Number 3: Jonah from Full Tilt by Emma Scott


Blow glass


What I wrote:

“Jonah’s flaw is a physical one. His heart is failing. Facing his fate alone, he does not want to get close to others. He wants to spare them the grief they could go through if the worst would happen. Why bother letting people in when you know you’ll maybe have only a few months to live?”

Jonah was … admirable. Courageous, loyal, loving. He gave to the word love its true meaning: placing the other’s happiness above yourself.

I loved his art and Emma Scott made me discover an incredible artist Dale Chihuly. He was Jonah’s mentor and I visited the Bellagio in Las Vegas this summer just to take picture of his glass flowers adorning the ceiling.



Number 4: Flynn in Reclaiming the Sand by A. Meredith Walters


Makes figurines and teaches art at college


Flynn is not only an artis but he also has Asperger Syndrom. He was a beautiful person inside and out. He was innocent and bullied. He was beautiful. He was different unlike any other hero.  He was awkward, sweet, kind and lovable. He had no filter and he was just perfect.

If you want a book filled with emotions so high that you’ll need to stop reading at time this would be your book.



Number 5: Moses from The Law of Moses by Amy Harmon



What I wrote:

Moses was born of a “crack whore”, abandoned in a laundry basket at a Laundromat. His mother was found dead soon after. Called a crack baby, he’s been passed around, going from family member to other siblings his whole life. The cracked kid, the weird kid, he had no easy life and many difficulties. His only constant was his grandmother, Gi.
Moses has a curse and being rejected constantly, he has laws: ”Thou shall paint. Thou shall leave and never look back. Thou shall not love.” “I wanted nothing more than paint and run. Because those were the only two things that made my life bearable.”


Here is my top 5 artistic book boyfriends. What are yours? Do you love the artistic type?


Thank you for reading.

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  1. Jav, Jav, Jav… I cannot wait to read his HEA. Finally. And let me stress it. FINALLY! After everything that guy has been through. Anyway, I still need to meet Lukas, even though I think I already bought him… it. Oops. And also Jonah… I just can’t think about him or I’ll bawl my eyes out. Again.