#BookBoyfriendChallenge Day 9


Day 9 is a tough day in the #BookBoyfriendChallenge Ladies and Gents.

The sweetheart of the day must be a CRIMINAL! Yes I know sweetheart is ironic for a criminal.

Why is it tough you say?

Because I LOOOOOVE criminals! In books of course. In real life I’m more their nightmare than their dream come true 😉

But I can’t count the mafia books I’ve read and loved. There is just a little something something that makes me crave the genre. Maybe because it’s the opposite of what I’m doing in life?

Anyway I love mafia bosses. They are dangerous, compelling, attractive: in books you won’t have receding hairline and potbelly. Nope they are handsome and their power is intoxicating!


So today I have three winners!!!! Yes sorry but I could not choose who was my favorite number one. Not going there!!!

And several contenders.

Excuse me if this post will be on the longish side. I’ll try to make a condensed version for Facebook but you’ll get the full impact on the blog.


Number 1 : Julian from Twist Me series by Anna Zaires



I could seriously write a book about Julian! He has a ginormous sex appeal!

Julian was hard to love at first. He is very dark and violent. Julian is raw, hot, commanding and is what you could call a anti-hero with his lack of morals. He takes what he wants. What he wanted and will always want is Nora. He takes what he wants and he wants Nora.
He is so obsessed by Nora he can’t get enough of her. He can’t bear the idea of losing her and must protect her at all costs. Talk about control freak! She is his weakness and that’s what is endearing about him. Dangerous, ruthless, smart, he’ll do everything to keep Nora safe and to keep her with him, period.
He’ll never let her go and that’s what I loved so much in this series: his obsession. I know it’s unhealthy and amoral as he kidnapped her but it must speak to some buried cavewoman in me.

Favorite quote:

“He stands in the doorway like a dark angel. His hair curls a little around his face, softening the hard perfection of his features. His eyes are trained on my face, and his lips are curved in a slight smile. He’s stunning. And utterly terrifying. My instincts had been right–this man is capable of anything.”
Anna Zaires, Twist Me



Number one bis: Ignazio “Naz” Vitale from Monster in his Eyes by JM Darhower


What I wrote about Naz:

Naz (Ignazio Vitale) simply is. He does not try to please, he does not tell lies and does not care what others think about him. Mysterious, cold, detached he is all male and sheer strength. He wants Karissa and takes her. Knowing the monster he is, he sometimes feels guilt and offers her an out. But if she chooses to stay, she’ll be his forever. He’ll always come for her, even if she does not want him to.
He didn’t expect to love her it was not in his plan. Still, he embraces this love and owns it like everything else: completely.
Favorite quote:

“I’m the king of the jungle. I’m the predator.”
“Does that make me your prey?”
“That makes you my queen.”



Number one ter : Twitch from Raw by Belle Aurora


What I wrote about him:

Twitch is a sociopath, used to have his way and take what he wants. He kills without remorse, he is cold, nearly clinically detached when doing something bad. The bad and the good are all messed up in his brain because of his childhood. He knows it and recognises his mind is sick.

It takes talent to make the reader empathize and even sympathize with a murderer and sociopath.
Belle Aurora tells the story behind the man and reveals what happened to create the monster. You can’t avoid to hurt for the little abused kid. You make excuses for his acts event if you know they are unacceptable.


Favorite quote :

“I don’t want a knight in shining armor.
I don’t want a knight in scuffed armor.
I want his helmet to have dents. I want my knight to be real, and dark and savage. I want my knight to be a survivor. Someone who’s been tested and got through his trails. Not some p@ssy in gleaming metal.” —



Now the other contenders, in no particular order are:


Troy Brennan from Sparrow by L.J. Shen

Favorite quote:

“Normally, I was a bad guy messing around with bad guys. But every now and again, a Flynn would slip onto my radar, an innocent person who was just at the wrong place, or more often than not, born into the wrong family, and that’s when things got messy. F@cking people over who didn’t deserve my wrath wasn’t my style. I had my own version for justice, and I applied it whenever I saw fit. I tried to tell myself that this was life. That sometimes you were Batman…and sometimes, the Joker.



Lev from Lev by Belle Aurora

OK you’ll get two quotes for this one as he was so …unusual and moving for a criminal. Lev was a hot hero, “different” as probably slight Asperger syndrome or high functioning autism. Member of the Russian mob he really touched my heart in his own personal and sometimes naïve way.

Enjoy 😉


“My arms around her waist tightened a little. I never wanted to let go. “I don’t know what love is,” I started quietly. “But if I could love anyone…” I pressed a gentle kiss behind her ear, pulling her close. “I would love you. Very much.”
Belle Aurora, Lev


“They say penguins mate for life.” He reached up again and jerked hard at his tie. “And I want to be your penguin.”
Belle Aurora, Lev



Valentino (Tino) Moretti from The Enforcer by Kele Moon

Tino really broke my heart. This is a very emotional mafia story. One that I can’t recommend enough but prepare for huge triggers.

Favorite quote:

“What’re the job requirements?”

“Stay young forever. Stay hopeful.” Carlo stretched back out on the floor and stared at the ceiling as if pondering it. “To laugh when you’re happy and cry when you’re sad. You have to keep your soul. Somehow you have to hold on to it. That’s the requirement.”
Kele Moon, The Enforcer



Six from Six by K.I.Lynn

Six is a really bad guy and he’ll be consistent. He is the anti hero but by the end of the book I was a fan and I don’t know why!

The heroine could not sum it better when she said ““Six was an @ssh@le, a b@stard in a god’s body, and I hated him.”


Thank you for reading this looooong post about criminals!


What are your favorite criminals?



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