Ian and Cortland are all too aware that the bubble they’ve made for themselves can’t last. Shifting relationships and tested friendships may be the least of their worries, though, as they learn more about each other and the pasts they’d rather leave behind. Familial legacy, fragile ambition and potentially devastating secrets; their budding relationship is going to need a stronger foundation than secrecy if they want to face what life has in store for them together. Bringing the world of LGBT young adult fiction into the realm of comic books, and collecting the second arc of the acclaimed weekly web series (2017-2019), Breaks is the story of two young men discovering who they were, who they are, and who they will become. It’s a love story…but a little broken.


4 stars

Thank you Orbit Books for my advanced reading copy!

In my review of Breaks Volume 1, I wrote:

“They said that before Heartstopper there was Breaks and I can easily believe it!
Breaks is edgier, somber than Heartstopper yet none the less heartbreaking, authentic and wonderful!
Be aware that this book has several triggers though. »

Well this remains absolutely true in this sequel.

Yet it felt softer or maybe a bit more settled, just like Ian and Cortland who are both growing up and discovering who they really are.

We find more answers about Cortland’s past and discover that Ian has secrets of his own! These two are a delight to follow and witness their relationship unfurl.

What you will find in this sequel is:






And a lot of character growth!

Give me the third book already!


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