All I wanted to do was run away, I never expected to crash into his arms…After leaving the city life behind to escape my loveless marriage, I moved to small town Havenbarrow for a fresh start.

What I didn’t expect was to find myself drawn to the town’s black sheep.

They called him troubled. Cold. A man with a dark past.

What everyone seemed to miss about Jax was the splashes of light in his eyes. The random acts of kindness he performed when no one was watching. The way he made me smile and laugh.

Jax helped unpack the baggage I’d been carrying around with me. He was patient with my pain and gentle with my scars. He was the stillness during my hurricane.

Yet when both of our pasts came back to haunt our present days, we realized quickly that sometimes love stories didn’t end the way we’d hoped.

Sometimes you were left with only the damage from the storm.

*Book One in New Compass Series of Standalone Novels.
Coming April 2nd, 2020.*



“I love your sunny days and your moon shadows, and I am going to keep loving you and your broken pieces until you feel my love so strongly you forget your heart has any damaged cracks. Then, I’m going to love you more.”


5 “swoon “and “Brittainy’s at her best” stars!


I love so many things in this book!


I love how Brittainy wrote about little Kennedy. She was a wild spirit, a free girl. So sunny, so happy! She lived in her own world with her own weirdness and she was just perfect like that! She was also the knight in shing armor! Fearless!

“Mama and Daddy told me being weird was a good thing, though. If a person was weird, that meant they had flavor, and I didn’t want my life to be bland. I had so many big, colorful dreams and I didn’t ever want to lose my way on achieving them because I gave up my weirdness.”


I love how young Jax was portrayed. That sweet and gentle kid who was friendless until he met Kennedy. He loved words and that was so endearing for a reader like me!


I love how Brittainy dealt with hard and sad topics and showed that everyone has to follow his own path. That there is no right or wrong way to grieve. That there is no timeline to heal.


I love the friendship between Jax and Kennedy. How perfect they were for each other. As kids and as adults.


I love the sister love and the wonderful family that was Kennedy’s. I wished I could have a sister just like Yoana. With an all encompassing love. She was Kennedy’s rock.


I love all the side characters and their funny quirks. Especially Connor! Brittainy I want a book about Connor! He is just too much!


I love the tender and joyful moments.

I love the pain and the sadness because they were written with such accuracy and love it shone through the pages.

I love the funny scenes, with the ice, with the cat, with some “things” that has been found in some pipes, with Connor and his tagline.

I love the surprise twist.

I love….everything!


The prologue pulled me in right from the start! With that call for help from Moon to Sun.

Then the first chapter made me rage against Penn because he was such an @hole! And hurt for Kennedy. I wanted to cry with her.

“There used to be a time in my life when I loved myself so much that I never envied another woman’s life. What happened to me? When did my strengths escape my body?”

 Kennedy was just a shadow of herself. But that’s what happens when tragedy strike and that you have such a big heart that you feel things tenfold.

There were so many raw emotions in these first pages. But so much beauty too!


Then later on we focused on Jax and had alternating chapter from Kennedy and Jax’s POV.

Some lines were priceless, especially when it was about Jax and young Connor’s “partnership”. I laughed so much!

“It actually worked pretty well in my favor. We were the perfect odd couple. It was as if Oscar the Grouch had a plumbing business with Big Bird.”

I can’t resist to give you one last quote related to that smart@ss Connor.

“Let me see this business card you’ve been handing out for us.” He reached into his pocket and pulled it out. I glanced at it and shook my head instantly. “Kilter and Roe Plumbing: Same Shit, Different Toilet. That’s your tagline?” I groaned.

See why I laughed so hard? 😀 

That was the wonder of this story.

Going from sadness and heavy topics to light and fun moments. Like life itself.

Last but not least: Jax is hot!  Think a cross between Daemon from Vampire Diaries and Hook from Once Upon a Time 😉 I see you are drooling already!


You will cry, rage, swoon, laugh and marvel.


Just read it!


Have you read Brittainy’s books before?


Thanks for reading!



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  1. I love how you describe the character’s younger selves.♥ I already love Brittainy Cherry so I’m excited to pick this one up.