From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Reckoners series, the Mistborn trilogy, and the Stormlight Archive comes the third book in an epic series about a girl who will travel beyond the stars to save the world she loves from destruction.

Spensa’s life as a Defiant Defense Force pilot has been far from ordinary. She proved herself one of the best starfighters in the human enclave of Detritus and she saved her people from extermination at the hands of the Krell—the enigmatic alien species that has been holding them captive for decades. What’s more, she traveled light-years from home as an undercover spy to infiltrate the Superiority, where she learned of the galaxy beyond her small, desolate planet home.

Now, the Superiority—the governing galactic alliance bent on dominating all human life—has started a galaxy-wide war. And Spensa’s seen the weapons they plan to use to end it: the Delvers. Ancient, mysterious alien forces that can wipe out entire planetary systems in an instant. Spensa knows that no matter how many pilots the DDF has, there is no defeating this predator.

Except that Spensa is Cytonic. She faced down a Delver and saw something eerily familiar about it. And maybe, if she’s able to figure out what she is, she could be more than just another pilot in this unfolding war. She could save the galaxy.

The only way she can discover what she really is, though, is to leave behind all she knows and enter the Nowhere. A place from which few ever return.

To have courage means facing fear. And this mission is terrifying.

Audiobook Review

6 stars

What an adventure!!!!

I don’t want to give away any spoilers so that will be very hard not to give specifics!

Let’s just say that Brandon Sanderson took us on an adventure worthy of  Spensa’s Grandma ‘s stories of heroes of old!

I never would have imagined something like that in a series about spaceships and science fiction!

Also, Brandon Sanderson is the best at creating amazing crews and side characters you want to bond with!

Let’s talk about the characters:

Spensa: she has changed so much. Maturing, always daring but less hot headed. She will do a real work on herself here, strengthening her powers. Spensa was brilliant, reckless and generous. She will be faced with temptation too, the opportunity to realize her wildest dreams, to rest and take some time for herself. And the temptation was real to forget her path and be a little selfless.

I confess that I had cold sweat thinking that she could stop there!!!!

Mbot truly astonished me! He becomes more human and it was so funny seeing him discover emotions and trying to name them, even swearing once!

Chet, a new side character that will accompany Spensa along her journey was an adventurer, an explorer.

He had swagger and old-fashioned manners. I won’t say more about him except that he’ll accompany Spensa on an adventure and that discovering his secret and what he was ready to do for Spensa had me in tears! And knowing what I knew, I would never have imagined crying on him if you had told me that one book ago!

We don’t get much of Spensa’s Starsight crew in this book as she is on a separate journey to try to save the universe BUT Spensa will once more have a crew!

A bunch of jolly characters that I won’t say more about because that would be spoiler. Just like, as in Starsight, they are from different species and will make Spensa feel like she belongs.

The pace was perfect.

We have lots of actions, space skirmishes, exploration and self exploration.

Lots of twists and surprises in the story too!

Last but not least, Suzy Jackson was once more brilliant and she is the best narrator for this series.

Should you read/listen to it? Absolutely if you have read Skyward and Starsight! Now the wait for the sequel begins…

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Wow, six stars, Sophie? This must have been quite the read for you to be gushing so excitedly. You’ve certainly peaked my interest enough to ad this to my buy list! ☺️