From Jade Fire Gold author June CL Tan, Darker by Four is the launch of an epic, sweeping contemporary fantasy duology that is the Shadowhunter Chronicles meets the Chinese underworld, drawing inspiration from diaspora folklore.

A vengeful girl. A hollow boy. A missing god.

Rui has one goal in mind—honing her magic to avenge her mother’s death.

Yiran is the black sheep of an illustrious family. The world would be at his feet—had he been born with magic.

Nikai is a Reaper, serving the Fourth King of Hell. When his master disappears, the underworld begins to crumble…and the human world will be next if the King is not found.

When an accident causes Rui’s power to transfer to Yiran, everything turns upside down. Without her magic, Rui has no tool for vengeance. With it, Yiran finally feels like he belongs. That is, until Rui discovers she might hold the key to the missing death god and strikes a dangerous bargain with another King.

As darkness takes over, three paths intersect in the shadows. And three lives bound by fate must rise against destiny before the barrier between worlds falls and all Hell breaks loose—literally.

Perfect for fans of This Savage Song and Only a Monster, Darker by Four will pull readers into a world of love and desperation and revenge—a world where every deal has a catch, no secret stays buried, and no one is exactly who they say they are.


5 stars

Give me the sequel already!

This was an excellent surprise and a book I probably would never have read if I didn’t get it in a book box !

That story feels like a mash up of fantasy, mythology and themes found in anime and mangas.

-Blue and magenta hair ? Check.

-Excentric boy in silken pajamas ? Check.

-Gifted girl best in class to fight revenants. ? Check.

-A blight infecting the deads and making more revenants ? Check.

-Hybrids no one believe are true but the girl ? Check.

-Non gifted grandson of exorcists leaders. ? Check.

-A lost god whose disappearance creates chaos in Hell because ten gods are needed? Check !

-Fated mates or rather soul mates ? Check.

-I would doom the world for her ? Check

-An enchantment turned bad with transfer of magic and quest to get it back ? Also check !

This is not my usual genre but it worked extremely well with action, fights against evil, a quest and a love story ! I want the sequel now !

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Publishing’s been having such a love affair with fantasy duologies recently! Not complaining, though. Such a pretty cover–and sounds like it’s worth checking out! Might be the next fantasy I grab up when I get back from my travels.