Day 3 of the Book Boyfriend Challenge and this one made me sweat!


The flavor of the day is Bad Boy.


As other Book Boyfriends will be criminals, bikers, millionaires, etc. it narrowed my choice.

Which bad boy did I love that was neither a criminal nor a biker nor…??????


So today I’m going with one contender only but he is worth at least 5 other contenders. He may be ZE bad boy of all bad boys as he really can be an entitled pr@ck.


Today I nominate Vicious also known as Baron Spencer as my number one bad boy! L.J Shen really outdid herself writing this one!


Here is what I wrote about him:


“Vicious is a real @hole, a bully and VERY possessive. Honestly I thought that Vicious and his crew were just rich spoiled and entitled brats. I did not like him at all in the beginning. To give you an idea, he loved

“The liars, the pretenders, the masks, and the plastic. I loved how people cared about what was in your pocket and not in your fucking chest. I loved that they were impressed by expensive cars and cheap wit.”

How can you find such a character attractive? And yet…when I glimpsed what was beneath the cold façade I found myself slowly falling for Vicious. He still remained a formidable jerk but like Emilia I stopped wanting to change him. He was a very complex character wanting to hurt Emilia but he did not know why. Or rather he would not acknowledge why. She was “his” to play with and no one else.

“Why are you doing this to me?” I hissed out, searching his blank, stony face. “Because I can,” he offered with a smirk to hide all the pain in his eyes. What’s eating you, Baron Spencer?”


So you tell me now if he is not a bad boy 😀 


Now you’ll get other bad boys this month as usually bikers and criminals are not rainbow and unicorns!


Do you love bad boys? Who is your favorite?


Thank you for reading!




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