So as I said yesterday today begins the Book Boyfriend Challenge I’ll be taking part in.

Go look at Night Owl Reader FB page or blog page as well.  Collector of Book Boyfriends is organizing it as well.



Today book boyfriend is about Alpha Male!!!!


First lets get back to basics. What is the definition of an alpha aside the first letter of the Greek alphabet?

noun: alpha; plural noun: alphas


  • ZoologySociology
    denoting the dominant animal or human in a particular group.
    “the pack is a tightly knit, highly organized group, led by an alpha wolf”
  • informal
    denoting a person who has a dominant role or position within a particular sphere.
    “take turns cooking for each other if one of you is too much of an alpha chef”

So an Alpha Male is ZE BOSS!

The one everyone follows. The one commanding others.


I must confess Alpha males are my favorite kind of book boyfriends with broken heroes. I love when they get all bossy and commanding. I love if they are possessive (I did not say obssessive and oppressive). I love when they are defending their girl. I love a manly man.


Now in real life if I had an alpha shutting me all the time even with kisses, deciding what was good for me I would probably kick him in the nuts!

I’m a strong independant woman and I know my own mind.


But we speak about books and fantasy. I guess the caveman calls to my inner cavewoman.


I love alpha males because:

-they take you in their care and usually treat you like a princess;

-they are badass and who would not be proud to walk at their side?

-they often are hot if not only because power and charisma make them hot;

-they would always have my back and defend me;

-it’s sometimes refreshing to let others decide when you’re the one always in command (work, kids, dog…);

-they are so male that you can’t help feel very female and very feminine.


When I want an alpha I know to go for authors like Kristen Ashley or Lynda Chance.

They are famous for their alpha males even if some find KA’s alpha more grunting than speaking. Whatever it’s part of their charm and it works on this girl.




My most recent favorite Alpha is…drum roll Jess Cleary from The Coppersmith Farmhouse.



Here is what I wrote about him:

Jess will be VERY determined to take care of Gigi and Roe. He’ll soon let her understand they’re “his girls”. I loved how bossy he was. I literally melted at the sight of Jess protectiveness towards Gigi and Roe. The poor man has been taking care of his mom, his sister and his town. He is a “take charge guy” but Gigi has been on her own making all the decisions for so long she is determined to be independent and not be bossed around by the hot sheriff. Even if he is kissing like a god and she is always instantly forgetting what they were arguing about. Eff! There goes her resistance…

I love alpha heroes!”



Now do you have Alpha in teen/YA???


Even if they are young “alphaness” begins early. I would say nearly in the cradle.

One of my most favourite Alpha in YA contemporary is Mason Kade from Fallen Crest High series by Tijan.

He is the boss of all other students. He is very protective of Sam “his” woman. He rules adults. He has a commending presence and when he speaks everyone listen!


Now in Fantasy I would choose Jace Herondale.

He may be coming as more charming and cocky he is nonetheless the alpha of the pack. Incredibly skilled, hotheaded, everyone his friends follow Jace in every adventure. He is worshipped among Shadowhunters. And he would die to protect Clary.




In this list I could add so many: Vicious from LJ Shen, Jess from “This Man” series by Jodi Ellen Malpas, Grizz from Nine Minutes trilogy by Beth Flynn and I could go on and on.


So do you love Alpha Males? What are your favorites?




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  1. Amazing post and I loved the challenge. Since I am already late for my posts and even reading the blogs it might be hard for me to do this but if I can manage it, I definitely want to try it 🙂 Cannot wait to read the rest of your Book Boyfriends 🙂

    1. Haha Mia I know life can come in the way of blogging and reading sometimes. I hope you’ll love them <3

    1. Well yes on Twitter, Fb and IG. They were supposed to be where you posted but I wanted the freedom to post long posts if I felt like it because …book boyfriends! So I decided to add it on my blog 😉

  2. I love this challenge. I had decided not to participate because I thought it was only for instagram, bur now I may jump in. Anyway, now I really want to read the Copper smith farm house!!! It sounds a lot like Unstable by SE Hall, with Keaton being so ‘take control’ ‘take care of everything kind of guy’.

    1. Well Talia it was up to us what we would do with the challenge. So I decided to have shorter posts on FB but whole posts on the blog because…book boyfriends!!!