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Topic: when do you write your reviews and how do you do it?

I am always amazed when I see some bloggers or readers stating that they still need to write 5 reviews because…I could never do it!

I mean I must have a brain the size of a pea or maybe it is getting older but if I don’t write my review right away I will never be able to write it!
Even less five reviews!!!

These readers and bloggers are like super heroes or aliens to me.

PS that GIF is especially for Lashaan @bookidote LOL

Hence today’s topic as I am really curious to know how everyone is managing his little review business!

Here is how I do it…



As I said I have to write it as soon as I have finished the book.
I already explained in another post HERE that I forget the female character’s name as soon as the story is over (see what I mean with a pea brain?) so don’t expect me to recall everything about the plot days or weeks after!
A general feeling yes details no!


Every time I read a book! Be it ARC (so kinda mandatory) or pleasure read. I decided to have a book blog to talk about books, not just to get free books even if it’s a nice side to it!


 ➡ First on the technical side I tend to either highlight when I read on Kindle. For a physical book I either take notes or *cough* slightly dog ear some pages ( yes yes I know I am a bad bad girl) to use important passages or events or favorite quotes later in the review.

 ➡ Second in the “how to structure” …it depends!

The hardests are the 3 stars reviews. Because I liked it but…something important was missing to make it great. I don’t want to be too negative as it was not bad per se but I can’t gush either and use lots of emotional words to convey my love.
These 3 stars reviews will be the most “factual” reviews that I write. I will usually explain the plot in greater details than for other reviews. I will probably use the “what I liked” and “what I did not like” as a guide and conclude by a “it’s not the book it’s me” and “who could enjoy it”.

Now for the four or five stars review…all hell is breaking lose!
I mean that I am a very passionate and enthusiastic person and when I love I go all in the feelings and emotions!
Usually the structure will take a back seat leaving the spotlight to what made this book so great that I had an overflow of feelings!
I know that’s not always super helpful if you want to know a lot about the plot but that’s how I roll!
And sorry but not sorry!

Last habit of mine…I am very wordy and I know it!
In an attempt to show some mercy to my reader and not have him falling asleep before the end I write in bold the most important parts and sentences. That way people can read only these parts in bold to get a general idea of the review.
And yes I know this is frown upon by some but again: my review my law!

Now that you know my “method” I would really love to know how you operate!
Do we have some common tricks? Do you review all your books? Are you part of the Super Reviewer crew or rather the “pea for brain” gang?

Do tell me all and maybe it will inspire me or others!

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Great post!
    Uuggghhhhh, I try to write my reviews right away but lately that’s happening less and less. I have about six pending right now. I leave myself little thinks to trigger memory by typing notes in my Kindle as I go along or putting those notes in the review template I have set up for the book. Usually that helps. When it doesnt, I have to flip through the book again.

  2. I’m the same as you and have to write them right away. After having two kiddos my memory is not what it use to be lol! But I write down all of my thoughts and feelings and things I loved about the book. Then I can start another book while I go back and re-edit my random long musings until it turns into a review instead of just me blabbering on and on and on lol!

  3. Hahahahaah love the shoutout, Sophie! You know Batman would have probably wrote his review before even having read the review, and still be 200% accurate about it all! 😛 It’s nice to hear about your own review writing process. I actually wanted to do a similar post in the future to see how everyone does it hahah I know I have to take pictures before/while I’m reading my books, edit my pictures, do a draft with my general structure, I sometimes have notes written directly on a Word document (if I’m lucky), otherwise it all comes naturally and then I start typing, revising, and finally putting things in bold like you do.

    1. Well your reviews are always very well organized and you go really deep into the analysis of the plot, the characters, the writer’s goal so I am always amazed!

  4. I love your reviews. They are always fun! I am all over the place on how I write mine. Sometimes I write it right after finishing the book. Sometimes I do highlights and quotes in a draft and fill in the review later. And sometimes I wait a while to write it. I usually have to read the beginning of the book then to remember it better. And I usually have several review drafts started that I fill in later. LOL See, I’m all over the place on when and how.

    1. Thank you Laura! And I can work with a skeleton and quotes to fill in theblanks later but not for many reviews LOL

  5. I write my reviews after I’ve finished as well. I make notes on my Google notes when I’m reading an eARC or ebook. I also highlight on my ebooks too! The most I can do is 2 at a time, cause I normally have 2 books going at the same time. But I like to use the schedule feature. Makes it easy.

    1. I can totally recognize myself in this Gigi! And since recently I’ve been able to “read” two books at the same time if one of them is audio. If not I get lost!

  6. I review every book and every audiobook I consume. Some reviews are more detailed than others, but all have something jotted down for them in Goodreads. Like you, I lean heavy on the emotional impact of the book. I read for entertainment, so, the biggest question is – was I entertained? If the book makes me FEEL, that’s an accomplishment and I think it says something about the writing. I think I stick primarily to my emotional response, because (1.) no spoilers there, if I don’t reveal the “why”, (2.) my degree is in engineering, not English, so I am not really into the technical side of the author’s writing. My goal is to review ASAP, but sometimes, I don’t get to it. Those reviews are harder for me, because I have to find those emotions again.

    1. You have a point with reviewing with emotions means less likely to give away spoilers Sam! I never thought of it like that!!

  7. I like the Batman gif but you missed the opportunity to use Superman because he is BOTH a superhero and an alien I am like you and need to write all my reviews ASAP after reading! Usually its the day of or the next day. Very rarely, if life happens, then I might get a few reviews backed up and then it snowballs and then I have too many to do and I get overwhelmed. So I try to keep on top of it! And when I do get to the point of being overwhelmed I usually just bust them all out with a bunch of mini reviews (which works really well because by that time all I can remember is general impressions anyway )

  8. I have to write my review before I start another book. Sometimes I just save it in my documents to use later. But if I don’t do it then, I’ll forget or mix things up. As for my format, I don’t really have one. I tend to just ramble. I do try to review everything I’ve read.