Sparks fly when an occult expert and a disgraced archeologist become enemies-with-benefits in this steamy romance.

Riley Rhodes finally has the chance to turn her family’s knack for the supernatural into a legitimate business when she’s hired to break the curse on an infamous Scottish castle. Used to working alone in her alienating occupation, she’s pleasantly surprised to meet a handsome stranger upon arrival—until he tries to get her fired.

Fresh off a professional scandal, Clark Edgeware can’t allow a self-proclaimed “curse breaker” to threaten his last chance for redemption. After he fails to get Riley kicked off his survey site, he vows to avoid her. Unfortunately for him, she vows to get even.

Riley expects the curse to do her dirty work by driving Clark away, but instead, they keep finding themselves in close proximity. Too close. Turns out, the only thing they do better than fight is fool around. If they’re not careful, by the end of all this, more than the castle will end up in ruins.


I got and advanced reading copy of this book, thank you @prhinternational  

3,5 stars

I adored The Roommate by Rosie Danan and was very happy when I got the opportunity to read this book!

The story sounded promising and it has been a lot of fun reading it!

It revolves around two main tropes: grumpy/sunshine and enemies to lovers, with the added bonus of having a curse breaker! Yes, a curse breaker in our modern world!

You will also have opposite attracts, forced proximity and a Scottish Highland settings.

We follow Riley, American and from a lineage of curse breaker women. She is determined to make curse breaking her bread and butter. She is now in Scotland, ready to break the curse on a castle.

But she’ll be faced with Clark, very British, very sexy and also emotionally wounded, who is an archeologist working on “her” site.

Of course, Clark does not believe in curse and is determined to expose Riley for the fraud that she is. While Riley is determined to drive Clark away.

Sparks fly, chemistry is very present and our sunshine confident Riley is butting heads with grumpy Clark who is also in need of professional redemption.

The banter was great, the sexual chemistry very present with some very spicy scenes with a side of BDSM.

I had a very enjoyable time reading it and my only complaint is that at some point it felt like Riley and Clark forced themselves to be antagonists. The “despise/hate” part didn’t really feel right to me.

But that remains a very good “romcom” with a good banter and funny moments.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I liked this more than you, and the sex scenes were not my cup of tea. I did love the characters, the history, and all that curse breaking stuff. I liked that they were both seeking redemption too. I had a good time reading it.