Today is day 5 of Blogoween level 2 and the last prompt imagined by Soph @bookwyrmingthoughts!

Topic of the day: I Summon Thee!


Explanation: Anything to do with resurrection – characters you wouldn’t resurrect, characters you would resurrect, etc.  

This is the perfect excuse to show my evil side!


The one when I leave my bubbly personality in the closet and switch it for ranting Sophie.

Because as much as I love writers and am in awe of thier works, sometimes they leave me livid with anger!

The highest crime an author can commit is killing his character for no reason at all!

Making someone die to spin the plot, give an added layer to the story or open new possibilities is sad but understandable. After having shed some tears I resume my read and am engrossed in the story once again.


Killing your main character or one of your main characters when it adds NOTHING to the story and could have totally been avoided is the ugliest crime! Unforgivable!

This is the fastest way to morph me into a raging witch! I want to hunt the author and make him pay. He or she has to write the story with another ending! Plain and simple.


Then I will enter in denial and will invent my own ending. A far better one might I say! One where my beloved character escapes unscathed or barely scratched.

Ready to read who I would have saved?

Warning: HUGE SPOILER for these series: Divergent by Veronica Roth and The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey!!!!!

If you haven’t read them yet but plan to stay far away from this post today!



The first character that I would totally resurrect is Cassie. Honestly I keep hoping that she did not really disappear and that one day she will come back. I am a dreamer I know!

Here are some of my thoughts:


I began this book this morning and finished it two hours ago (with chores in between). I’m still not recovered. I still want to destroy this book or scream or bawl my eyes out or drown my frustration in gallons of ice cream or…..
It deserves 1 star for… won’t tell you as I don’t want to spoil your fun. You’ll have to read it to understand. It’s the reason of all my screams here above.
This was the best and the worse… but I could not stop reading!”

I think Ringer could have jumped in the spaceship. I think Cassie’s death was totally gratuitous. It did not serve any purpose aside avoiding a HEA. I am still mad years after!

So yes I hope Rick Yancey will resurrect her in a last book and that she will find Evan and that they will have their HEA.


The second character I would resurrect is Tris.

Once again why make her die? I think Eric could totally have done it. It did not need a special set of skills that only Tris mastered. He didn’t have a girlfriend or parents waiting for him to emerge safe and sound. He did not play a major role in the rebellion. Tris did.

So why killing her really? was it for the sake of it? To make us mad? Because stories with tragic ending last longer in the reader’s mind?

Well again I am still furious and want to force Veronica Roth to write another ending.

Now do tell me who would you resurrect? And are you mad when the main characters die to no avail? Or am I the lone raging reader?

Thanks for reading!



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  1. Soichiro was envisioned as an “honest police officer with a strong sense of justice” that the reader “would have to feel sorry for everything he has to go through.” Though Ohba did not want Soichiro to die, the writer felt that he had to because the character’s continued existence would have interfered with too many of the already set up plot points. He did not want Light to kill him, so he wrote Soichiro’s death as an accident.

  2. Haha, I guess I have an unpopular opinion re: Tris. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the character. However, I actually approved of her death because it made the story closer to reality. People die. Even main characters. Everyone is an MC in their own story, after all.

  3. I don’t actually think I’ve ever read a book where the main character died, mostly because I avoid those books like the plague! I’m a happy ever after kind of girl, Sophie, and I’d probably throw my kindle across the room if I ever read a book like that!

  4. Oh, I am so with you on this one. I detest authors who, for no other reason than a total lack of imagination, kill off a major character. It might make sense to them, when writing, but if it isn’t laid out why to the reader, then it shows us that the author hit a brick wall (maybe, literally) and hadn’t got a clue either it was their way of stopping!

    1. Well Alexandra you would now it better than I! But yes it’s like they can’t see any other way to stop their story…

  5. Nice post! haven’t read either book but I do LOVE when you do thoses rambly or humoristic posts :D they are the best!

    mmmmh… I totally hate when a main character die .. only one in my mind right now is Finch xD of course ahah