Hi dear friends,

 Do you have subscription to book boxes?

I have subscribed to Fairyloot for some months now but I wonder if I will keep it or not.

Not because the box is not great but because it costs a lot of money and some boxes left me wanting book wise. I did not really like “A Darkest Shore” , haven’t read Onix and Ivory yet (don’t know why) and A Heart of Thorns was really disappointing.

What got me to sbscribe were past boxes with two books or ARC included (it is impossible to have physical ARCs as international bloggers).

When I add the cost of the bow and shiping I could easily buy two to four books!


This month’s box really saved the day.

I am not really into pirates but the book and all the goodies are really gorgeous! I guess I’ll wait another month or two before cancelling the subsription :-D 

And even if I cancel the monthly subscription it does not mean that I won’t buy the boxes from time to time, depending if the theme and the book seem my cup of tea.

Anyway, let’s share this month’s goodies with some pictures.


We had to feature a pirate book with the Prince Elian Candle for the photo challenge and I chose one of my MOST FAVORITE books; The Dark of the Moon by ES Bell (alias Emma Scott).

This book is just epic fantasy with magic, paladin, a curse, pirates and battles!

For those wondering the funko pop is Red Sonja, my blog emblem/logo and a gift from my son ;-) 

Third picture for the challenge was the Water bottle (love the tag) and the wax seal!

Last the Sweat Peat with the gorgeous book These Rebel Waves by Sara Raasch (on my monthly TBR).

What got me the most excited is the book and the wax seal!!!!!

Now what do you think: keep subscribing or buying when I think the box will be to my taste?

Thanks for reading and happy Saturday!



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  1. I don’t buy the boxes but I have received some fantastic ones from publishers. I probably would but they can be costly and I’d rather just buy books I want, knowing what I’m getting. LOL

  2. I’m glad to hear this box was a good one for you. I’ve never tried to subscribe to one of these, but that’s mainly just because I don’t collect anything except books so I don’t think I’d get much use out of anything else that comes in the box.

  3. I wasn’t too impressed with the latest box. I’m going to give it another box or two and I might decide to cancel my subscription. It is quite expensive, and I have liked most of the boxes better than the OwlCrate boxes I used to get, but the past few FL boxes haven’t gotten me excited like they used to.

    1. Exactly Adrienne! I wish they would offer two books again with one ARC like they did for the Furyborn ARC (that box was fantastic!)

  4. I don’t buy subscription boxes because they are too expensive for student me!! I don’t even buy a book if I ever have to buy full price due to my budget rules – I always have to wait for a sale or buy them at a bargain price. But I am glad you really loved this box and are excited to read those books. I love the theme so I can see why.

    My recent post: https://oliviascatastrophe.com/2018/08/all-the-books-all-of-the-time-book-haul/

    1. Well I came to the same conclusion today Raven. So aside the September Fairyloot box (ordered) and another Kingdom of Ash themed box in October no more except it they offer two books (one being an ARC ) maybe…

  5. Id like to get to try atleast one box. Before i didnt wanted to as i wasnt into reading in english; now that I can.. im not sure if id even like the books? Which is another concern, though i really love the goodies!

    1. That’s what prompted me to stop the monthly subscription today Kristina. I will buy only if I feel it will fit my taste ;-)

  6. I guess if you get what you pay for, great, but if, in the end, half of what you are getting isn’t worth the cost, then unsubscribe. Not sure I’d subscribe anyway as I like to buy books that grab me when I’m in the store. :D

    1. Well Alexandra that’s why I chose to unsubscribe today. I’ll get my last box in September from Fairyloot. Maybe I’ll subscribe again if a special box is beaing released …

  7. I never subscribed to a bookish box, because the shipping fees and the boxes overall are just too expensive and not worth the price for me – plus I’m never sure of the books and I want to be sure to get a book I enjoy haha. I’m happy that this box didn’t disappoint you though, that’s fantastic :) I’d suggest you to keep on buying the boxes you feel you’d enjoy, but cancel your subscription – that way you’re certain you are excited about the upcoming box you’re getting for sure :)