Happy Friday and day 3 of our #blogmas2021 !

Today’s topic is “favorite new to me authors”.

I went to Goodreads and noticed that on 115 books read so far this year, 48 were by “new to me” authors!

Narrowing it down was hard!

But I chose two winners today.

Stepahnie Garber, author of Caraval and Once Upon a Broken Heart.

For years, my daughter tried to convince me to read Caraval, to no avail. And then, I guess bookstagram wore me out? I fell madly in love with that series, it’s poetic universe, its mystery and its characters!

And Once Upon a Broken Heart, a companion series certainly didn’t disappoint!

“Welcome, welcome to Caraval! The grandest show on land or by sea. Inside you’ll experience more wonders than most people see in a lifetime. You can sip magic from a cup and buy dreams in a bottle. But before you fully enter into our world, you must remember it’s all a game.”

Stephanie Garber swept me off my feet with Caraval! It was tricks upon tricks upon illusions!

 Stephanie Garber tricked me and enchanted me. I jumped into Legendary as soon as the word “end” was uttered!

I read that book or rather, that series, thanks to the ladies on bookstagram!

And this is a series that deserves more hype!

Laurie Forest has written a powerful and riveting series filled with flawed characters, where good will oppose evil in a magic race to save the world from tyranny.

That book series has many riveting ingredients and tropes!


-Great and relatable characters. Not only Elloren but her siblings and friends were multi layered characters, flawed and full of surprise but also very easy to relate with!

-Amazing character’s growth.

Elloren will have a powerful character’s growth in that story. From naïve and fresh to bitter and bigot going to having eyes wide open and standing against the oppressors, even if it was incredibly dangerous, even if it was her own people.

-Love and romance

Action and suspense.

I was literally riveted to my seat all along! Wondering if Elloren would have some power awakened. Wondering what Fallon would do to her. Wondering what would happen if Marcus Vogel came into power. Then fearing for all the other races. Crying when atrocities were committed. Raging at how unfair that world was. There was never a dull moment and the pacing was just perfect!

-Diversity, racism and homophobia

Rarely have I seen a book so diverse as The Black Witch! The diversity in this book manifests in the many different races mingling at university, at the huge magical lore.


Because we still don’t know why Elloren can’t use her powers nor what the mysterious Yvan is exactly! Many questions still remain at the end of the book.

-Amazing world building

Laurie Forest took great care on building that world with its many races, religions and beliefs. Not only do we learn about Gardnerian traditions and history but about those of many other races too! I also loved the feel of the university that had me imagining something between medieval, Lord of the Rings and the Cruel Prince.

What are some new to you authors?

Thanks for reading!


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