Giving back to the community!


Kristin at kristincravesbooks had this wonderful idea to publish once a month the posts we liked best.

She explains that Birdie from Birdie Bookworm  and Rhea from Bookchanted encouraged her  to turn this in to a meme. I find it genius as one thing I discovered soon after beginning to blog is the incredible support this community offers.

I want to give back!

Countless times other bloggers helped me and frankly it’s such a boost after a hard work day and depressing news on the TV! It reminds me that the world is not populated with haters or violent people. The friendship and help this blogging community offers every day is its best perk!

So is you want to join the fun it is very easy to participate. All you have to do is share all of your favourite blog posts of the month! Great way to spread the love and also discover new bloggers!

Here I go for my first Favourite Blog Posts of the Month


James at This Is My Truth Now and his 365 Daily Challenge

I love James daily challenge and this one about Toxic made me ponder indeed on what becomes of our friendships and when to cut ties with people being toxic.

James writes about everything on a daily basis from shopping to toxic to… These posts have a naked honesty a raw truth. It feels like chatting about everything with a friend. I see these posts like a window opened to James’s mind, mood and soul. It might look like something superficial and is everything but.

Another post I love from James is Ryder’s rant. Ryder is James’s dog. James writes like he would be inside Ryder’s head. It reminds me of this incredible book written from the dog’s POV: The Art Of Racing in the Rain. Just reading Ryder’s posts puts a big smile on my face. This is one of these posts and Ryder is ranting about wearing a knot.


Wanted Heroine of a Young Adult Novel by Shruti at This Is Lit

Yes I know it was published October 29 but I read it in the beginning of November 😉

I really love Shruti’s “listicles”. They are usually spot on and funny.

In this post Shruti points all or many of the common traits YA heroines usually share. It gives a really entertaining and eye opening article! As I’m a big YA fan you can see why I would love this post.


I love Michelle’s posts at ChellesBookRamblings and this one made me laugh: What type of reader are you?

It was like answering questions in magazines to determine if you are that kind or this kind of person. Make it about my passion of reading and I’m sold! What kind of reader are you? You want to know: just head over.


My last post of the month is a small post, not about book but still a very significant one.

I love Dani’s posts at Touch My Spine Book Reviews as they come from the heart. She has a kind of vulnerability and enthusiasm when blogging. It touches me deeply.

This post Apologies is about Dani excusing herself as she feared she could have hurt other’s feelings. It takes courage to ask for forgiveness and admit maybe you could have been wrong. It says a lot about the person behind the pen. So kudos to you Dani!


I found tons of posts interesting this month as this community is so inspiring but I will keep you on your toes and talk more about my other favorite bloggers (Shanah at bionicbookmom among others) and their posts next month!


Linking/pinging back to Favourite Blog Posts of the Month at Kristin Craves Books.


What are your favourite blog posts of the month? Just let me know.


Thanks for reading and happy weekend.



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    1. That’s what I thought Raven! It’s thanks to posts like these that I discovered blogs like yours 😉

    1. Yes I’ve seen it and I love it Annemieke. Shanah does it on her blog too and it had me discover other fantastic bloggers ;-))