Fear Me (Broken Love, #1)Fear Me by B.B. Reid





More than 5 mind fu***** stars!


WOW! This book blew me away. It is its own “genre”. Try Tijan (Fallon Crest High) meets Penelope Douglas (Bully) meets Pepper Winters/Belle Aurora (Indebted/Raw) meets Ker Dukey (Empathy) and you could have an idea.


It’s much more than “simple” shcool/high school bullying.


I don’t know how to explain it as I felt so many things.

Keiran is bullying Lake since she was seven years old. He is cold, downright cruel with her and only her. The way he owned the school and his relation with his cousin Keenan and his best friend Dash reminded me of the trio Mason and Logan Kade and their best friend. They are royalties and Keiran is their king. They always come unscathed.

Lake has been bullied all her life and Keiran wants to own her. No one but him can have her. It’s a twisted relation as Lake fears Keiran, Keiran hates Lake but they are also insanely attracted to each other. They’ll have brutal sex and it’s far from high school sex but more Dom/sub sex but without the kink. It’s a mind game and Keiran is Master.

He reminded me of some psychopath but he was also very protective of Lake in his own sick way. If someone would hurt her, he would make him pay. She was his. His to torment, his to play with, his to f***.


I read it all in one sitting, immersed in their story, their world. I felt fear for Lake, disgust, fascination, empathy once I got to see why Keiran was this way.


I had so many questions: Why did Keiran hate Lake? Who was Mr Martin? Who left the picture in Lake’s house? What would come of Willow and Dash relationship? Why was Keenan such a slut as he had the lovely Sheldon? Who was Keiran’s mysterious and never seen uncle? What “connections” did Keiran have? I wanted to solve the mystery aroud Keiran’s youth, the dead girl with the locket and Lake’s parents vanishing act.

And the choice she made at the end, Gah! It’s betrayal and at the same time, it’s a kind of justice for what he did a long time ago. But I think it will destroy her too.


When I was finished I really, really, really, really… had to read the second book.


Definitely a special book.

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