Hi Dear Friends,


Today is Friday and it could not come soon enough! I longed for the weekend and some time to sleep.

Winter has been long but now spring is showing its colors and we’ll have a sunny weekend. Work in the garden, fingers in the earth and smells of nature here I come!

First we’ll have to drive our son to the airport as he’ll leave for one week of holiday. It will feel different with only one kid at home!


I wanted to share a great news with you today: I’m going to attend YALC London 2018 this summer!!!! And I hope to see Kathy from booksandmunches as she said she’ll attend too. I can’t wait to meet these YA authors (we only know some right now) and listen to the various discussions.

Now let’s go back to our weekly topic: First Line Friday hosted by Hoardingbooks!


“The Humpback Bridge had stood for almost a millennium, the sole link between the nations of Rhannon and Rhylla. It was an impressive sight; at the bridge’s peak it curved over one hundred feet above the River Archior, spanning a vast body of water that flowed aquamarine in summer and gravestone grey in Winter.”


It really sounds like a tale right?

It’s from State of Sorrow by Melinda Salisbury.

I’m nearly finished and if you love some fantasy in all shades of grey and …sorrow it’s the book you need.

Plus honestly how gorgeous is that cover?

Now what are your first lines? Do share them below and I’ll go comment on your blog tomorrow!

Happy Friday everyone!


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  1. Happy Friday! (Well Saturday now LOL)

    My first lines come from J Kenner’s Justify Me.

    “I should never have let him get close, this man who swept into my life like living flame, beautifully wild and dangerously enticing.”

    If you stop by my blog, I am featuring lines from Susan Stoker’s Rescuing Sadie.

  2. I’m so bad at remembering or sharing my favourite first lines! I actually am not a huge fan of beginning books or new series. I just want to be in the middle when I already grasp the world and problems and characters and am in the thick of the drama and loving it! Which is one of the reasons why I love series more than standalones hehe. I really wish I was going to YALC as well! Maybe another year. But do enjoy it and have all the fun :)

    My recent post: http://oliviascatastrophe.com/2018/04/march-wrap-up-2018/

    1. Really???? Lauren we have to meet! And with Kathy too it would be so great! When are you going? I have the 3 days pass.

  3. Happy Friday! We have snow coming today so no spring here…..

    My FLF comes from a book im starting soon, Honeysuckle Dreams by Denise Hunter……

    Playing house was just a little too easy for Hope Daniels. Her special chicken casserole waited in the oven, covered with foil; butter beans were simmering on the stovetop; and the yeasty smell of baked rolls hung in the air.

    Have a great weekend!