Hi dear friends it’s Friday and the end of March already!

Welcome to First Line Friday hosted by Hoarding books.

It’s pretty easy to participate: just open the book you are reading or the first book you get your hands on and share the first lines of the book.

This week I’m sharing with you the first lines of With This Man by Jodi Ellen Malpas.

This is the fourth book about Jesse and Ava and let me tell you it’s heartbreaking!

“”The pounding of my feet on the threadmill is rhythmic and comforting. The sound of Imagine Dragons “Believer” on my iPhone is muffled by the pulse throbbing in my ears. The hammering of my heart tells me I’m alive. Not that I need to run until I can’t feel my legs to achieve that any more.”

What are your first lines? Do share them with me please.

Happy Friday everyone.


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  1. Very powerful first lines!

    My first lines come from Victoria Danann’s Roadhouse.

    “How did I end up a hundred thousand dollars in credit card debt? It wasn’t as hard as it sounds.”

    And, I’m featuring first lines from Until Arsen by KL Donn on my blog today.