5 « you’ll need tissues » stars


If I had a limited choice of words to encapsulate this book it would be: beautiful, fragile, terrible, tender, poetic and sad.


The main characters were beautiful inside and outside. Emma Scott has once more created very endearing heroes, people you can easily relate to because they have flaws. Their weaknesses make them human and real even if they are fictional characters. We can walk in their shoes.


Kacey made mistakes in her life, like everyone does. She is lost, does not know who she really is and want to be. She’s battling demons leading her on the path of self-destruction when she meets Jonah. She is :“The girl who wrecked the Pony Club, puked in his car, invaded his space and almost cost him his job.” Her family denied her the love a child can expect from parents and she has a deep need for connection.

Jonah’s flaw is a physical one. His heart is failing. Facing his fate alone, he does not want to get close to others. He wants to spare them the grief they could go through if the worst would happen. Why bother letting people in when you know you’ll maybe have only a few months to live?

This book was also terrible. It was hard reading about Jonah facing the diagnostic, overcome by fear because he faced the possibility of death, alone. Even with family and friends, at the end of the path you’re alone. Without children, at the eve of his life he wanted to leave a legacy, to be remembered if the worst happened. I could understand this need to leave something behind. To make your life count. To make sense. What’s your purpose on earth? What’s important at the end of the day?


Kacey cared about everything, passionately. Both lonely, they’ll help each other and in the light of uncertain future will live every little moment full tilt. They don’t count time in weeks, months or years. They have thousands upon thousands of good moments. That was their gift.


I was constantly drifting between sadness and happiness.


 What truly fascinated me was learning so many details about glass blowing. I love creating with my hands be it paintings, baking etc. and what Emma Scott told me about this unique art form was so interesting I googled Dale Chihuly. I had to know what he had created and what the Bellagio’s ceiling looks like. I discovered a universe full of vibrant colors and incredible glass creations. I’m now officially in love with glass blowing and I want some of these flowers in my living room (if only I could have the budget…).

If you love reading about art, learning new techniques like I do you’ll be in Heaven. Thanks to Emma Scott’s writing I could imagine every single piece Jonah created in his shop.  


I cried buckets, smiled through tears when Kacey gave life and joy to Jonah. I swooned when he protected her. I had stars in my eyes when I imagined the glasses with sea life, gigantic glass waterfalls, colorful fragile flowers…and cried some more because life was so unfair with this wonderful guy.


I was afraid to read this book but I don’t regret a single word from this incredible and poetic story.


Well done Mrs Scott!


Brave or scared shitless, I don’t have a choice but to love you. It’s all you fault, really. You’re so damn lovable.

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