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As I am still going strong on making custom funko pop and people asked me to explain how I did this one, today I’ll share with you my “method” and tips and tricks to make a funko pop of Hunt Athalar, the angel from Crescent City.


I’ll brush over some steps as they are common when making every funko (like how to behead) and I explained these steps in details in the post below (click on the graphic to read the post).


First step before making a funko: having a precise idea of how you want it to look like! 

I always browse the net for pictures of fanart of my character. It’s easier to get a feel of what I want it to look like in a pop. The picture I used is the one you can find on Instagram on @sncinderart page (here is the link if you want to have a peek https://www.instagram.com/p/B9hYYFkJ3qs/ )


1 Materials I used

The funkos I used as basis for the body and the head…

Body: Black Panther 

Head: the remains of George Weisley (his head was mopping on my shelf sooooo 😀  ).

FIMO clay to add some elements

Metal wires for the skeleton of the wings

Plastic sheet used to cover schoolbooks (with glue already on the sheet)


Nail varnish and acrylic painting

Super glue



First of course is the beheading (see previous 101) post.

Then as Black Panther had claws on the hands and feet, I cut the claws with a cutter (razor blade) and used the fimo clay to mold a shoe on the feet. I also had to thin the neck as the hole left on the basis of Georges’s head for the neck was too small. I also used a cutter.

I molded straps for a blade criss crossing on the torso and hips.

I then placed the body in the oven for the clay to solidify (following the instructions on the package).


The wings!

I didn’t want them as simply built in clay like you see on most if not all funko pops. I love experimenting with materials and I wanted them to look like real angel wings. So I decided to use feathers. I only had pink feathers but that did not bother me as I could always paint them later to have them look like the grey wings of Hunt.

Yet I had to build the “exo skeleton” to glue the feathers on!

So I used the wires and gave them the shape of outer wings and some inner “cartilage”. I trapped them between two layers of plastic sheet like I did for Rhysand, reinforcing the outer superior edge with clay. I then joined both wings together wrapping then in clay and left it solidify in the oven.

The trick here as you are using plastic and don’t want it to melt is to choose a FIMO clay for kids and with “special effects” (it has glitter inside) as I have noticed that they are solidifying at a lower temperature (less than 100°C).

Once the wings were baked, I glued feathers on the wings, cutting some to have them fit better. I used superglue.

Then I applied some silver nail varnish and dark cracoal grey to have them go from pink to natural looking “bird grey”.


The rest was pretty easy!

Gluing the wings on the back.

Painting the body with black and dark blue. The hands had to be painted in “flesh pink” as they were black. I used varnish to paint the body and acrylic for the hands.


I painted the hair in black using acrylic, same for the eyebrows. But first I applied a special paint to allow any kind of paint to stick on the material.

The eyes were painted in brown and a little gold.

The tattoo had to look like a cross between barbed wires and thorns. I used a paintbrush but when I thought the stroke was still too wide, I waited for the paint to dry and used a toothpic to remove the excess. That’s another trick here: use toothpics to remove some small part of the paint. It’s like drawing on your paint if you want, reshaping the edges.

Then glue the head back on the body, add two layers of varnish with an aerosol and voilà!

If you are interested in making this funko and still have any question, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments!


Thanks for reading!


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