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Today Alex, daughter of Wendy @BirdieBookWorm and my daughter Julie will speak about one of their favorite books: Angelfall by Susan Ee.

To make it entertaining we decided to interview our girls like a journalist would interview any celebrities.

You could say they are the stars of our hearts 😉 

If you are curious about our teenage girls bio just go to their previous Girls Talk.

We’ve split this interview and you’ll find the firts half at BirdieBookBlog HERE and I’m publishing the second half here below.


Hi Alex, Hi Julie,

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions about your Angelfall experience!

We hope you’ll enjoy the questions your crazy moms have thought for you 😉

So let’s roll!

1)Were you surprised that the angels were the bad guys or was it something you’d already read about a thousand time before?

Alex: Angelfall was the first time I’d heard of Angels as badguys. I have seen it more frequently afterwards, but Angelfall was the first.

Julie: Yes I agree Angelfall was the first one. I was surprised but loved that the author chose a risky path. She was daring and played on something we did not expect.

2)What did you think were some of the most shocking moments?

Julie:When Paige is kidnapped and when Penryn discovered the scorpions. When Penryn discovered Paige had been altered and was looking like a monster.When Raffe got his new wings. And of course when everyone thought Penryn was dead.

Alex: I agree with a lot of Julie’s picks, but I’ll also add Raffe and Penryn’s first kiss at the dance, and the moment when Penryn was first stabbed, and Raffe’s reaction.

3)Have you read any other book about Angels? How did it compare?

Alex: Angelfall is the only book about Angels. I switched gears after Angelfall and read more about vampires and weretigers and such.

Julie: I loved Angelfall, Fallen and Hush Hush but I don’t often find very interesting books about angels. I read more fantasy and heroic fantasy (Sarah J Maas) or YA contemporary with some secrets and drama (Making Faces by Amy Harmon or We Were Liars etc.).
I read Throne of Glass, but didn’t move onto the second book yet.

4) In honor of Raffe, who is your favorite Angel of all time (in any media outlet)?

Julie: Patch from Hush Hush! He is a fallen angel and I love bad boys LOL
Imperfect heroes are much more interesting. He also is quite sassy. He does not respect conventions, he is not too sweet, he is flawed but at the same time he cares and he is loyal.

Alex: Castiel from Supernatural! He’s so funny, having started out all Angel and slowly learning how to handle human life and our emotions. It’s so funny watching him try to understand our slang, and motivations. He’s just so awesome.

5) Pick a song for the book, and why?

Julie: The Hammer’s Coming Down by Nickelback. Because it’s dramatic like the world is ending and Chad Kroeger’s voice fits the last moment of the book perfectly. I hear it when Raffe is flying and he thinks Penryn is dead.

Alex: Bad Company by Bad Company, because the lyrics remind me of Penryn and Raffe, and their journey.

Julie: I like Alex’s choice! I did not know of this group nor this song and at first hearing it made me think of some cow boy song LOL The lyrics are certainly fitting!
Now an after though as I love this group and this song: Iridescent by Linkin Park. I think the tone and the lyrics are fitting to the mood of the book “end of the world”.

6) How do you explain this book’s success? It’s been published Indie and was not meant to gather such large audience as the promoting was nearly non-existent so WHY?

Julie: The pace was absolutely perfect: not too slow not too fast, the plot was filled with twists and reveals keeping us on our toes. The story was original as the angels were the bad guys for a change. There is suspense as Paige has been kidnapped and we want to know if Penryn will find her and save her. It can also please to every reader whatever their age (my mom and great mom read it and loved it).

Alex: I think it did pretty well because the pace was perfect, like Julie said. Raffe’s humor, the tension, and how Penryn was strong and realistic. I also think it was because the author wrote a dark story. Like, what happened to Paige.

7) If you could magic the author into writing a spinoff, do you have a specific character you’d want more of?

Julie: Belial. At the end of the third book we learn more about his past but some shadows remain. It could be interesting to write a book about the “before” and speak about his “stay”in Hell. He is a hero in shades of grey. He has excuses as to why he behaved like that.
Penryn’s mother would also be an interesting character. We don’t know why she became crazy or if she is crazy or just experienced something special in the past. It could make for a very small novel.

Alex: Again, I totally agree with Belial and Penryn’s mom. Both of them would be good prequel stories. I’d also love to read more about Paige. It would be interesting to get some story from her perspective. I think it would also be so much fun to hear more about Dee and Dum. I bet they had great and hilarious adventures.

Julie: Oh yes I do agree with Alex about Paige! We don’t know what she went through, how she was feeling. Did she resent Penryn? Did she lose hope? Did she…

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    1. Thank you Raven! It’s so much fun to have our girls collaborate like their moms 😉 And I love Patch too but shhh don’t tell my daughter LOL

  2. I love their favorite angels picked! I loved hush, I read it forever ago and was in love with Patch for the longest time I still am. Plus, Supernatural is one of my favorite shows.

    1. Thank you Amber! You don’t know how your comments made the girls all happy! Little miss blogger in the being LOL And yes Angels can be soooo attractive. Maybe because they are forbidden? LOL