I owe all of you a vibrand HAPPY NEW YEAR and an apology!



I’ve been very bad at following my feed these last days but with the celebrations everything has been so busy!

Plus I indulged in the guilty pleasure of reading two books in two days!

Something that was a regular occurence BB (Before Blogging) but that I can rarely do it for months now.

So yesterday I read Flow (prequel) and Grip by Kennedy Ryan in one day.

Review coming hopefully tomorrow. I promised to read these babies before the end of 2018 so it was time.


Today I’ve read a physical ARC of Everless by Sarah Holland in one long sitting.

I was all curled up under a blanket on the sofa with my (little) dog sprawled above me.

Review also coming hopefully tomorrow.


And you know it was PURE BLISS!


Do you read as many books as you did before blogging? Do you close the shop just to read?


Thanks for reading!



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  1. I read more as I got my flow back during blogging and i let go of some other hobbies along the way. Maybe if I didn’t blog I’d read more but there is a good chance that time would be filled with tv shows haha.

  2. I feel that after starting a blog, I have started reading more books, but I can’t be sure. Although, now, after reading a book it takes some time for me to start another one since I have to write a review on it.

  3. Good for you just doing some reading during the holidays!!!

    I actually read 3x more before running a blog, because blogging takes a lot of time and effort and energy. I normally do a book a day if I am lucky, but when I didn’t have a blog it was 2-3 books a day and yes I would read that much. Kinda crazy if I think about it hehe

  4. Nothing to be ashamed of dear Sophie. It’s difficult to keep up with everything during the holidays. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Everless. I have my review set to post at midnight.

  5. I don’t read as much as I used to, but blogging is not the main culprit. Still, it adds to the pile.
    And today I kind of shut down just to read… so yeah, it happens, but it’s very rare πŸ™
    Now, if I read 2 books a week, I consider it a good week…

  6. I don’t read as much as I did before blogging, but that’s because I started college about 6 months after I started my blog and I don’t have as much time to commitment to reading for pleasure. That’s so nice that you were able to read 2 books in 2 days!

  7. I know I read less than I used to BB…….I’m torn with not blogging every day and doing more reading. I might just stop the daily memes and just do reviews. But that’s how I got to know all my blogging friends so……….I just got know..

    So happy you got to enjoy your books though……

  8. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on everless. I used to read more before blogging but I don’t feel bad about it because I love fangirling about books with other bookworms.

  9. I think I still read as much as I did before blogging. It’s just that now afterwards takes a bit more time with writing reviews and such.