Never again would I allow my heart to become the plaything of someone else.
Never again would I let a man (or men) come between me and my goals.
Never again would I love without feeling the fullness of that love in return.
Not until I knew it was real. And if that took me a lifetime to find, so be it.
Those were my vows, and after all that had happened with Connor and Weston, I was determined to keep them. To protect my heart.
And then he came home, and my vows became his promises.

He held my heart in his hands with reverence and care.
He helped me find my soul’s greatest purpose in life.
He loved me with a love so pure and vibrant, I knew I’d never feel anything like it in a hundred lifetimes.
It was real.

Until it wasn’t.
Until it all came crashing down when I discovered the deep love I thought I’d found was nestled in a web of lies—so soft and silken I hadn’t noticed it was there.
Until it was too late.

Long Live the Beautiful Hearts is the emotional, heart-wrenching conclusion to the Beautiful Hearts Duet by bestselling author, Emma Scott, and is inspired by the classic tale, Cyrano de Bergerac. (Roxanne) THIS IS NOT YOUR TYPICAL LOVE TRIANGLE #confusedhearts #notamenage
THIS BOOK IS NOT A STANDALONE. It should not be read without first reading Bring Down the Stars




6 “She did the impossible and truly brought down the stars to light our hearts afire” stars

This review will be absolutely spoiler free and so difficult to write!

How do I express why this book or rather this duet deserves 6 stars when I have to stay vague?

Well I am choosing to tell you what makes me give 5 stars even 6 stars to a book.

First of all books getting 5 stars or more are the ones that make me FEEL.
And God did I feel here!
I ended with a clogged nose, red eyes and an empty box of tissues. I had a slight headache as I read the book in one sitting.
Every 10 pages of so my eyes were leaking and I was sniffling on my couch.

I was happy to have a whole day at home to read and not on the train for once!

Second thing that makes me give so many stars: the characters.
They have to be exceptional. Not in I am a king or an actor or…no they can be the boy or girl next door but their personality has to shine. They have to either be as bright as the sun, either flawed and hurting. But they have to make me fall for them and want to fight their battles.
I won’t say who is in the book aside Autumn. Autumn is a ” safe bet” in this review and she was the sun, the moon and the stars as well. She will be brave. She will be selfless. She will be caring. And passionate.
Autumn is someone choosing love over hate because hating someone hurts her so much.

Third point to make me give 5 stars: the writing. If you follow me for some time now you must now that Emma Scott is one of my unicorn authors. In my top 3. Because her writing is simply gorgeous. She has a way with words that made me highlight nearly every sentence in this story.

Then there is the ability to broach hard and sensitive topics. To treat people seemingly less perfect or less conventional with fairness and respect. To open our eyes to some harsh realities. Or to teach me something be it a moral lesson or some new knowledge. Well that’s what Emma did in here.

Last you have the plot. The element of surprise. This is not an epic action packed and turn and twists at every page. No this is a “I did not see that coming. And how will she make this work? How will she make this horrible fate be accepted by us readers? Loved even?” Kind of story.

So now you know that Long Live the Beautiful Heart is all that and more.

The duet is maybe the most powerful work of Emma Scott. Surpassing Full Tilt. At least equaling Forever Right Now. She did the impossible and truly brought down the stars to light our hearts afire.


Have you read any Emma Scott’s books?

Thanks for reading.


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  1. As soon as I’m ready for a total tearjerker that’s going to wreak havoc with my emotions, THIS is what I’ll be picking up. I adore Emma Scott and you are so right about her writing and her characters and her ability to bring on ALL the feels! Can’t wait to experience this one for myself!